A Complete Guide to Setting Up Your Home Gym – Benefits, Tools and Costs

When hearing of a home gym, one might think to themselves as to why they should indulge in such ideas when there are existing gyms available outside which provide all the qualities and essentials needed already.

It is true although the gym centres are convenient and offer many great deals, there are twists to its purpose. Gym centres either require payments each time or a membership to enjoy the fullest capabilities and perks, sanitary measures are highly doubtful and more importantly by going to the gym outside does not guarantee changes in habits or transformation of one’s body.

Before we invest in a home gym, it is important for us as well to understand why we should exercise in the first place and gain some knowledge and wisdom about exercising. After that we can learn of all the basic informative reasons and benefits of a home gym so let us brief you of the essential details about exercising, the equipment, method and what areas to work on with the equipment as well as other specific details to help you choose from the many choices according to your preference and budgets. Without further ado, let’s just straight into the gathered information.

Basic Information on Exercising

Knowing the different types of exercise you are implementing into your daily workout routine will increase the effectiveness and allow you to see better results with a well balanced full body workout. As mentioned earlier, there are four main categorized types of exercises. They are strength exercise, aerobic exercise, balance exercise and flexibility exercise. We go into further details with each different type of exercise down below.

Exercising is a very important aspect, however, not many stick to their exercising routine and some do not even involve in any form of exercise at all. Part of the reason behind these actions are because of the awareness of the benefits of exercising which is why we have made it our mission to inform you about the benefits of exercising as a whole.

What are the benefits you will get from daily exercise?
  • Aid Weight Control Issue: Like how many of you may already heard of, exercising helps you to control your weight very well. It doesn’t matter whether you are looking to lose or gain weight, the right exercising routine can help you achieve your weight goal.
  • Reduce Chances of Having Heart Disease and Cancer : This is a very beneficial reason for everyone to exercise on a daily basis. Heart disease and cancers can be very hard to deal with which is why precaution is better than treating it.
  • Lessen Risk of Getting Diabetes: Just a troublesome heart disease can be, getting diabetes can have a major impact on your life as well. By exercising you can help your body to manage and monitor the blood sugar level and insulin levels in your body too.
  • Improve Your Mind and Mental Health : For those who have been active or took part in some exercise before, you can testify for this. It helps to sharpen your thinking, decision making skills, learning and also make your mental health be in a better state and also have a great impact on improving your mood as well.
  • Strengthen Your Core: Your muscles and bones will begin to deteriorate as you age so to help them stay strong it is wise to exercise daily to keep your body and core as healthy as possible.
  • Other Benefits: Exercising also plays a part in helping smokers to quit smoking, combat against insomnia and other sleeping problems, help your body gain balance and also increase your chances of living longer than those who don’t exercise.

With that said, we should look into some of the reasons why having a home gym sounds appealing to many and it can attract your attention as well after finding out the results behind the idea.

Just like a saying that says, “ A healthy body leads to a healthy mind.” Empty out your stress and negativity by working out on the boundary of your home. Rest comfortably and at ease without having to commute from one place to another right after the workout. Clear your state of mind in your own comfort zone.

However, just by going through these justifications of owning your very own gym at home could not possibly be enough convincing to some as they could meet the same ideology at the gyms outdoors. Therefore we will provide some of the benefits you can get that won’t be able to get anywhere else. Read on to find the benefits of a home gym.

What Are the Benefits of a Home Gym?

There are beneficial aspects from having your own gym in your own personal space. Here are some of those benefits:

  • Workout at home: As explained from above, workout at home gives you both the ease and satisfaction of going to the gym centre, except that there will be no energy spent on needlessly commuting from the gym to home. You can have a great productivity boost at home and have the same effect as going to the gym outdoors.
  • Cheaper: It is true that equipment to install will come at a pricy cost, however, there are many ways to minimize this problem. You can also buy the needed equipment when they are on sale on sites or get them when they are offered with a great deal, by doing so you can get the equipment at a much cheaper price. Another alternative is to build your own equipment, this may seem hard at first but in reality it is quite the opposite. Some equipment can be easily assembled and made with just basic tools to begin with, you properly don’t even have to spend a cent with this method. Most importantly remember, at the end of the day these products are owned by you and entitled to you, spent just once and have the product forever.
  • Avoid people: This may sound unpleasant to hear, but there are many bright sides to this benefit. For those who are introverted and prefer their own presence more than others or the people who tend to compare and criticize themselves with the other well-built people, it is best to exercise by yourself at home. Not only can you have a peace of mind trying to improve yourself, you can also challenge and workout with a healthy routine.
  • The same result: Whether it’s at a professional gym centre or at home, you will get the same result either way if you are determined to push through and pursue the path to a confident, healthy lifestyle.
  • Self development and control: Changing and training yourself can be a hard process. Although this seems all familiar to many, when going through the process to workout at home, you are gifted with the in disguise quality to make self development, changing yourself for the better version you can be.
  • Work at your own pace: Without judgement or comparison to others, you can work comfortably with a set plan which will turn out more effectively than forcing yourself to the limit in fear of being less than others. Know your capabilities and limits then a comfortable strict plan to workout to which you can always later on challenge yourself more and more.

Type of Exercises and Home Gym Equipment You May Need

Aerobic Vs Cardio Exercises

Now that we are aware of the benefits of exercising and having your very own home gym , it’s time to jump right into the different types of exercise. First off is the aerobic exercise. This type of exercise helps to make your heart race faster and breathe harder that is very beneficial for your cardiovascular system which is why most cardio workouts are categorized into this form of exercise. The fast and intense workout makes your body require oxygen after a long suitable period of exercising.

Cardio exercises which are very easy and efficient to do at home, are very much alike to aerobic exercises. By doing cardio workout you can burn lots of calories inside your body, build strength and muscles and give a very pleasant feeling of achievement afterwards. The plus side from doing cardio is as if you are also doing aerobic exercise, both offer similar benefits and use the same fundamental equipment. Thus, cardio exercises and aerobic exercises, although differs in certain areas, are essentially the same type of exercise and are treated as one.

  • Similarities:
    • Both exercises workout a wide area of muscles group in a repetitive and rhythmic flow.
    • Most equipment used for each exercise overlaps with one another, allowing you to both participate in aerobic and cardio workout.
    • The two types offer the same workout benefits, they increase your breathing and pump your heart rate faster to deliver more oxygen.
  • Differences:
  Aerobic Exercise Cardio Exercise
1. A type of exercise that is needed to perform within a considerable time in order to require more oxygen. A type of exercise which strengthens your cardiovascular system.
2. Aerobic exercises simply increase the need for oxygen. Cardio exercises have a great impact and focus on your heart.

Some certain benefits of both exercises are as follow:

  • Lessen Chance of Health Problems: The intense workout can lessen your chance of having any cardiovascular disease such as a stroke or heart attack or heart failure. It also plays a part in reducing the risk of getting diabetes, high blood pressure and also lower the chance of many types of cancer from forming in your system.
  • Improve the Condition of Your Internal Organs: Aerobic exercise makes your heart, lungs and your circulatory system stronger and much more healthy as you grow older.
  • Monitor your Cholesterol Levels: This form exercise will increase your “good” cholesterol level while lowering the level of the “bad” cholesterol type in your body.

When taking part in aerobic exercise, it is advised for adults to spend at least 2.5 hours per week of moderate-intensity aerobic exercise to get the best results and a healthy lifestyle. Moreover for those with a tight schedule, a 30 minutes spent each day on exercising on a five day per week basis will guarantee you a good healthy body.

What to avoid when doing cardio or aerobic workout? It is definitely important to avoid going off with a strong, intense workout right of the bat. Your cardio workout should start off with a comfortable pace for you to follow, do not push yourself to exercise too hard or too fast. Instead gradually increase the momentum and intensity of your workout as you continue to workout.

The equipment that are found to be of used and great beneficial from both cardio and aerobic exercises are as follows:

Jump Rope

Jumping rope is an easy yet tricky exercise form, it makes your heart rate beat faster, burns lots of calories and improves your stability as well. A jump rope is extremely inexpensive to have as a home gym equipment and does not require any special skill to boot. Moreover, as you train and workout with a jump rope daily, you can make this simple exercise more challenging and fun.

To get the best result it is recommended to workout with a jump rope for at least 30-60 seconds while alternating your footwork to allow both legs to have the same workout effect. You can burn at least 220 calories for just a 20 minutes jumping rope exercise, simple yet effective. There are many alternatives for skilled jump ropers to take on and you can burn more calories as your workout intensifies too. Be sure to take precautions if you have high blood pressure or joint problems, warm up before doing the exercise and stretch afterwards to relax your muscles.

Tips and Proper Use Know Hows:

Here are some keys tips for a effective and safe jump rope workout:

  • Instead of jumping high of the grounds, aim to use your calf and heels in order to raise yourself up, a few centimeters off the ground is high enough
  • When jumping ropes, make sure to keep your arms stationed onto the handles near the rope-end to allow the ropes to swing better and faster
  • Always keep your wrists loose and your elbows close to your hips when jumping
  • Instead of swinging your whole arms, try to just slightly move your wrists in a swift movement
  • Keep a straight, proper posture with your shoulders pulled back and make sure to have your glutes and core tighten
  • It is also more effective when you have your toes pointed downward and knees bend slightly throughout the exercise

Targeted Workout Area:

Jumping rope is an exercise that especially focuses on the muscles in your upper and lower body such as:

  • Upper Body Muscles Group: shoulders, biceps, forearms, abdominal muscles
  • Lower Body Muscles Group: hamstrings, quads, calves and quadriceps


Using a treadmill for a cardio workout can be an exhausting workout but at the end you will feel a lot lighter and burn a lot of calories too. This exercise can give you an effective result within 30 minutes, the amount of calories you burn depends on the level of intensity you use on the treadmill but in general that amount of time spent on a treadmill is already equivalent to an hour of sweating and leads to weight loss effectively.

For a shorter circuit worker, you can take a 5 minutes workout on the treadmill per day and will still get the same healthy results. You can workout on a treadmill with a high-intensity interval training to boost your weight loss and maintain good healthy muscles, gradually increase the levels of incline for your workout and duration as you may like. This form of workout can keep your chronic conditions in check such as high blood pressure, high level of cholesterol and more. Always warmed up before working out on a treadmill and make sure to take moderate rest and stretch after the workout.

Tips and Proper Use Know Hows:

These are something you should familiarized with before using the treadmill:

  • Before attempting to use the treadmill, it is advised to be familiar with the treadmill first such as the panels, speed and incline mode
  • Do some dynamic stretches for above 5-10 minutes before the workout and cool down with some static stretches as well
  • Start the treadmill at slow and comfortable pace before gradually increase the speed and inclination
  • When using the treadmill, try not to grab use of the handrails too much
  • A proper form should be positioned at all time to prevent injuries and discomfort, keep your back straight with shoulder broad and keep your eyes forward
  • Do not lean forward, swing your arms or force yourself to make long strides

Targeted Workout Area:

Treadmills are a great workout for your lower body and cardiovascular system:

  • Lower Body: thighs, quadriceps, hamstrings, calves and the glutes
  • Others: Back muscles, shoulders, arms and pectorals

Exercise Bikes

Just like the treadmill, in this workout you will mainly workout your lower part of the body for it is as important to keep your lower body as strong as your upper body. Exercise bikes are so much safer than exercising with an actual bike outdoor while giving you the same results and feelings. Exercise bikes are an effective way to boost your heart, lungs and your muscles condition. This particular exercise also enhances the result for weight loss purposes, burns huge amounts of body fat and creates a more efficient cardio fitness that gives out various benefits for your physical and mental health while having a low-impact workout format.

For an effective weight loss result, it is best to stick to a 30-60 minutes exercise bike workout for 3-5 days per week. It is recommended to start off with a comfortable, slow easy pace for the first 5-10 minutes to get your body warmed up then you can start increasing the speed and intensity to sweat and reduce your belly fat. Exercise bikes also allow a high-intensity workout, therefore you can challenge yourself with many various workout routine plans to get the best out of your exercise bike workout. What to avoid in this cardio workout is to know your own pace and not overwork yourself.

Tips and Proper Use Know Hows: 

When using this equipment at home, it is best to go through these steps:

  • Adjust the seat and pedal straps and set the handlebars
  • Hold your arms at your shoulder level and extent them out
  • Start pedalling at a steady and comfortable pace. Later on instead of going fast, it is better to increase the inclination level
  • When pedalling, do not pedal with the force of your toes, instead press down with your whole foot and heels
  • Keep your hip centered over the bike’s seat and have a firm grip onto the handlebar
  • Have your shoulder back and down with your chest up, do not lean or hunch over the panel

Targeted Workout Area:

When it comes to these exercise bikes, they really give your body a full workout:

  • Upper Body: forearm, shoulder, deltoids
  • Core Muscles: abdominal muscles, biceps and triceps
  • Lower Body: front and back thighs muscles, calf muscles, leg, glutes and hamstrings etc

Rowing Machine

The rowing machine workout as an aerobic exercise is a well balanced workout for both the upper and lower part of the same to get the same amount of exercise simultaneously. The rowing machine workout will make all parts of your body get into action such as the calves, the abs, biceps and more. It is a low-impact activity workout that is a great way to maintain balance and train your body, to lose weight and is also used practically for rehabilitation purposes after post-surgery or injury inflictions.

Professionals have recommended that this exercise should be included in the daily workout routine for 30-60 minutes of 5 days per week on moderate-intensity workout and a roughly 20-60 minutes workout for those who can only spend 3 days per week to do exercises. The results of these two workout plans have the same effect of 210 calories burned within 30 minutes at a moderate pace, but to get an increased and more defined result you can intensify the levels of your workout according to your capabilities.

Tips and Proper Use Know Hows: 

Below are some posture you need to keep to properly use the row machine:

  • Make adjustments to the chest rest to allow a comfortable seating
  • Sit tall, engage your core and use your muscles from your back to pulls the handles of the row machine toward you
  • Bend your elbows and squeeze your shoulder blades when pulling the handles
  • Reverse the motion and straighten your arms when your elbows reach past the torso
  • Do not roll your shoulder forward or hunch your body to reach the handles

Targeted Workout Area:

This home equipment will target your:

  • Lower Body Muscles: thighs, glutes, hamstrings and quads
  • Upper Body Muscles: core muscles, forearms, biceps, lats etc

Elliptical Trainers

These exercising machines that give effective results to both your upper and lower body all at the same time. Quite similar yet different to the exercising bikes due to its oval motion that require the users to move their body in an oval motion over and over again while moving their arms back and forth simultaneously. The elliptical trainers are low impact workout machines but have a high energy consumption to help you sweat and burn tons of calories as an aerobic exercise.

The recommended time to workout on the elliptical trainer is around 30-60 minutes per session to ensure an effective weight loss and full body workout in the form of a cardio workout. Although it is safe to use the machine to workout everyday, it is also recommended that the user uses it moderately and leaves some time for your body to relax and unwind. When using the elliptical trainer, the users should be in sync with the machine and make sure to push yourself too hard which might cause injuries and sudden change of rhythm.

Tips and Proper Use Know Hows 

The step by step procedure to use the elliptical trainers:

  • Firstly, step onto the machine with your body facing the monitor
  • Begin pedaling to start the machine at a slow and gradual increasing pace and resistance
  • Make sure to have your arms swinging simultaneously with the handles
  • While bending one knee slightly, have the other one straighten
  • Keep pressure off of your toes and lean back with the force on your heels
  • Have a straight body posture and avoid leaning or hunching forward
  • Do not lock your knees while exercising on this machine 

Targeted Workout Area

The elliptical trainers will mostly make use of your lower and upper body muscles such as the calves, forearms, hamstrings, quadriceps and more.

Strength Exercise

Strength exercise is a form of exercise that prioritizes the importance of your body muscle mass and builds strength throughout all the parts of your body. This type of exercise boosts your overall performance in everyday physical activities. The exercise also helps to eliminate a high percentage of calories in your body too. Strength exercises and aerobic exercises are closely associated with one another, the infusion between the two into one workout can create a very breathtaking feeling of fat burning and muscle building, ensure a well deserved result from the workout, increase the blood sugar levels in our body and insulin levels too.

Before we get into the exercises and workout you can take up in order to include strength exercise into your workout routine we should look into some of its benefits first:

  • Increase and Maintain Lean Muscle: This form of exercise helps to build up lean muscles that are needed for a strong body and can also make up for the loss of the muscle as we age as well as maintaining the amount of lean muscles we have in our body through daily strength exercise.
  • Increase Bone Density: As much as the exercises in this category helps us to build and maintain our muscles, it also plays an important role in making sure our bones are strong and increase the density to ensure the bone can withstand minor injuries and have a fast recovery.
  • Increase Metabolism Activity: Strength exercise also makes sure our metabolism is pumped up and works efficiently to create a healthier system for our body and give great impact for losing weight and burning calories.
  • Other Beneficial Purposes: Strength exercise also lower our risk in suffering from severe injuries, support our joints and other sensitive parts of our body with muscles as well as reduce our risk of osteoporosis.

The amount of time spent per day in strength exercise for a beginner should be 30 minutes per one session. It is of course okay for you to train everyday, however do remember to give your muscle and body a day of rest to prevent yourself from overworking or overtraining your muscle. Moreover, if you are looking to fuse strength exercise with aerobic exercise, it is recommended that your workout plan include a 20-40 minutes of session in one week for a well balanced mixture workout, with 3-4 days focusing mainly on your cardio or aerobic exercise and other two days fixated on your strength exercise.

When executing your strength exercise, there are a few conditions to avoid such as bad posture, forms and body positioning, misuse of the equipment, focusing solely only on one part of your body, pushing yourself too hard right from the start. Some more basic yet easily forgotten steps such as drinking water, getting rest, warming up and stretching can also bring back bad results from the workout so be sure to do those basic forms before indulging yourself into a hardcore strength training.

The many different types of strength exercise you can do at home and the necessary equipments are as listed down below:

Resistance bands

Although they may seem as unimportant, the resistance bands help you achieve a satisfying workout result. It will increase your muscle contraction to allow your muscles to have more strength and be more muscular. These resistance bands come with many different types and have different difficulty levels according to its color. The bands are elastic and easy to use for working out inside the space of a house. The bands can enhance your effectiveness of other workout routines as well doing a fine job on its own. The resistance bands are recommended to use for about 30 minutes per session. Always take precaution with the resistance bands as it may snap so be sure to to pull it too tightly. Another to look for in resistance bands is the length of the bands itself, commonly used resistance bands have the length of 40 feet long.

Tips and Proper Use Know Hows:

When using the resistance bands, always follow these steps:

  • Wrap your hand with the resistance bands firmly at each end of the elastic
  • Step onto some of the band before grabbing the other end
  • To shorten the length of the band or create more resistance, either tie a knot or loop the bands
  • Make sure to have the right amount of tension from the resistance band
  • Keep your body moving slowly and at a swift motion without jerking or hasty movements

Targeted Workout Area:   

The resistance bands are most likely to act as an assistance to your other workout routine, therefore it can be a good use for both your upper and lower body, mostly your shoulder, back, chest and biceps.


This form of strength exercise is the most commonly used practice to build up and maintain muscles as well as to effectively lose body fat. Weightlifting helps to make your bones stronger, create more lean muscles and toning them and make many other parts of your body healthier as well. Weight Lifting is very energy consuming but it feels a satisfying aftertaste. Weightlifting for beginners and generally is sufficient with just a 30 minutes workout per session. Whether you choose to further the workout duration or the level of hardness is optional, although do keep in mind to leave a relaxing and workout-free day for yourself and your body.

Free Weight

Free weights are the different types of weight training appliances that are not connected to any other substance, simply put they are an independent weightlifting appliances. These free weights are good strength exercise helpers, they can be used anywhere inside the house and are efficient and effective. Free weight mainly focuses on the building of muscles and the maintenance of the muscles. Some free weights types are as listed below:


These are the hand-free free weight type products that consist of two seperate matching weights on each side. They are portable, quite small but pack a lot of weight, you can use the weight you desire for your dumbbells. The dumbbells workout can be optional in that you can choose to work with both of the dumbbells or individually.

Tips and Proper Use Know Hows:

To use dumbbells properly you should:

  • Choose the appropriate weight suitable for you
  • Simply grip onto the handles of the dumbbells by wrapping them with your thumb underneath and your fingers over the handles while making sure to keep your wrists straight
  • Have your arms positioned parallel to the ground and your elbows next to your ear
  • Maintain a straight spine posture, tucking your hips and engage your core body
  • Lift the dumbbells slow and deliberately with your desired movements

Targeted Workout Area:

The dumbbells are very effective to work on your upper body areas, the chest, shoulders, biceps pecs, deltoids, lower back muscles and more.


As for barbells, they are free weight connected to a bar with the same weight on each end. The barbells are quite longer and bigger than dumbbells which made them more effective for chest muscles when working out. The barbells have a lot of weight options and can be used with two or more weights added to the bar at once. 

Tips and Proper Use Know Hows:

With the barbells, you should proceed through with these steps:

  • Decide on your heavy you want your weights to be
  • Stationed yourself straight with your feet apart from each other at a hip-width spacing
  • Grip onto the center of the bar handle, your hands should be outside your knees
  • When lifting the bars, make sure to have it as close as possible to your body
  • Use the five fundamental lifting movement: squats, deadlifts, bench presses, overhead presses, and bent over rows

Targeted Workout Area:

With these free weights, you will be making improvements on your back muscles, shoulders, hips, arms and quadriceps.


Kettlebells are more popular among women but still packed a heavy weight according to its weight design. Kettlebells are more similar to dumbbells than barbells, however they have a different look. Kettlebells are more like a weighted ball with one handle attached to it.

Tips and Proper Use Know Hows:

The kettlebells workout require you to have proper workout posture which are:

  • Stand tall with feet shoulder apart, chest pulled up and shoulder back
  • Bend your knees to stay consistent, however do not go into a squat position
  • Concentrate the weight of your body onto your heels and plant your feet onto the surface
  • Begin to rock back and forth through the power and force generated through using your hips and leg to create a momentum
  • Be careful try not to lift the kettlebells over your head

Targeted Workout Area:  

This exercise will provide a full body workout, making your hips, abdominal muscles, lats, abs, pecs, glutes, hamstrings and more a full workout.

Sand Bags

Sand bags and punching bags are all free weight that promotes muscle building and strength control. These two are free weights that are bigger in size than the other free weights, but they can be used as a full body workout. Sand bags and punching bags are commonly used to train boxers and martial arts practitioners. 

Tips and Proper Use Know Hows:

The proper way to exercise using the sandbags are as follows:

  • Place the sandbags horizontally
  • Plant your feet at a shoulder apart width while facing forward
  • Squat downward to pick the sandbag, maintaining a straight back posture, knees and hips bending
  • Your hands should be facing the sandbags inward or have your palms directed outward
  • Make a firm grip onto the sandbag on each end and lift it up
  • Lower the sandbag down and repeat the previous steps

Targeted Workout Area:

Sandbags is an impressive workout tool that focuses on your whole body:

  • Lower Body: legs, claves, glutes etc
  • Upper Body: arms, biceps, shoulders, chest, back and triceps
  • Abdominal Muscles

Abs Wheel

One most important body part that we aim to build toned and defined muscles are our abs. With the abs wheel, you can work out your abs at home with your own comfort. Abs wheels can be very challenging and excel very well with the result after the workout. You can definitely feel the center core of the body burning after using this strength exercise equipment. Abs wheel will help you to lose belly fat, effective weight loss, abs muscles and a strong, powerful body.

It is recommended to do 3 sets of 10 when using the abs wheel on a basis of five days per week. Going over this limit is not advised as the abs are a sensitive part of your body so it really requires some rest now and then. Stability and posture are some important factors to look over when using an ab wheel to avoid injuries.

Tips and Proper Use Know Hows:

Using an ab wheel can be pretty hard and confusing. Follow these tips to get a better experience out of these workout equipment.

  • Grab onto the handles of the abs wheel and position it in front of you while in a position of a plank or with you kneeling on the mat
  • Maintain a neutral spine position and engaged body core lying face down
  • Begin rolling the wheel out to the front, only as far as you can possible while maintaining a straight back
  • Reverse the motion and go backward by tightening your core, abdominal muscles and return to the original position

Targeted Workout Area:  

This workout will be a complete body workout targeting your hips, shoulders, triceps, tailbone muscles, abdominal muscles, lats and more that are found in your upper and lower body.


Pull Up Bars

Doing pull ups are the basic workout for strength exercise therefore it is essential to have a pull up bar in your home gym. Doing pull ups help to work on your arm muscles and you can even work on your shoulders and torso muscles as well. Doing pull ups is no easy task but it is the most effective type of workout which is why it is made as a basic form of strength workout.

For pull up workout, the professionals have advised that the workout plan should include 9 supersets with 2 reps in the first supersets then gradually work up your rep until it hits 10 reps of each superset. After that continue to work your way down to just 2 rep per superset just like in the beginning. Since doing push ups requires a lot of strength and will power, be cautious to keep your posture and form correctly and do not push yourself over the limit of what you can do. Start at your own slow and comfortable pace until you can gradually build up the momentum of this workout. Be sure to keep some time for your body and muscles to get some rest as well.

Tips and Proper Use Know Hows:

In order to get an effective result from the pull up bars, you should:

  • Grab the pull up bars with your palms down, shoulder width apart
  • Hang onto the bars with the correct posture by having straight arms and leg, shoulders back and raised chest
  • Begin to pull up all the way to your chin by using your elbows to downward to the floor
  • Lower your body back down while keeping your lower back in a neutral position

Targeted Workout Area:

Pull ups are highly effective for your upper body and core muscles including your lats muscles, back muscles, deltoids, chest muscles, biceps, arms, pecs muscles etc.


Push up bars

Another basic strength exercise is push ups. To help you do your push ups more effectively, the push up bars are here to give an extra boost. The push up bars will stabilize and hold the ground more sternly. By doing push ups, you are exercising your whole body. Holding a plank-like posture and pushing yourself to go up and down puts a lot of pressure on your arms and shoulders as well as abs muscles. Therefore, doing push ups help you to build your lean muscles, to lose weight and body fat too.

There are many more alternative and challenging set ups to do beside the traditional push ups that you can do when using the push ups bar. These strength exercise equipment are simple and not space consuming at all perfect for a home gym. There are no limits to how many push ups you can do per day or per week, you just have to remember to take precautions with the correct posture and do not do risky push up alternatives without proper form and attention.

Tips and Proper Use Know Hows:

To properly use the push up bars, you should follow these steps:

  • Place the equipment on the floor with suitable space
  • Plant your feet onto the floor firmly with shoulder width apart
  • Grip onto the handles of the bar as you go into the pushup position
  • Perform regular push ups but instead you can lower your body as deep as you can without touching the floor
  • Maintain a straight body and tighten your core muscles

Targeted Workout Area:

This exercise are best to use for your:

  • Chest Muscle Group: pectoralis major and pectoralis minor
  • Shoulder Muscle Group: deltoid, arm muscles, triceps and biceps
  • Upper and Middle Back Muscles Group: trapeze muscles, lats muscles, rhomboids muscles
  • Others: legs muscles, hamstrings, shin muscles, quadriceps, abdominal muscles, core muscles


Weight machine

Workout weight machines are great to install at home and there are many various types of weight machines that focus different areas of your body but have the same functions, to increase your body muscle mass, then lose your body fat, toned and define your body effectively. The weight machines should be used according to their own purposes to get the full impact of the workout.

Gymnastic Rings

Gymnastic rings really workout your core body and your arm and shoulders muscles. It creates an intense feeling of burn to get rid of calories and fat in the focused area and instead increase the amount of muscles. Gymnastic rings are very practical and a useful gadget for working out your strength and bodybuilding purposes.

Tips and Proper Use Know Hows:

Gymnastic Rings require proper set and usage to get a safe and effective result, therefore these are some factors to keep in mind when taking on this exercise:

  • Set up the gymnastic rings with a proper space requirement of 2.75- 3.75 meters tall and approximately 1.5 meters wide
  • Adjust the rings to your preference so that your body will feel comfortable, your arms are able to hang from the rings and some part of your feet are able to touch the ground
  • Grip the rings with your wrist, the pinky side should be below the crease of your wrist and on the inside edge
  • Keep a solid, straight body position withs abs tighten, straight legs and pull your body or perform other routine
  • You might need to use some chalk to limit the slippiness through sweats 

Targeted Workout Area:  

The gymnastic rings are good for muscles groups such as:

  • Shoulder Muscles: deltoids
  • Arm Muscles: biceps, forearm muscles
  • Back Muscles: trapesios, lats muscles
  • Abdominal Muscles: trunk and hips muscles, internal and external oblique, transverse and rectus abdominis

Chest Press Machine

The chest press machine just like its name focuses on the area of your chest, arms and shoulders. The machine helps to build up muscles and strength toward your chest and span out to your shoulders and arms. Weights are used in this particular machine and you can adjust the weight of the machine according to your pace and workout plan.

Tips and Proper Use Know Hows:

Tips on how to use the chest press machine properly are as listed down below:

  • Start off with some exercise to warm up your body
  • Make adjustments to the height of the seat, backrest and handles
  • Choose the weight suitable for you
  • Sit on the chest press machine seat and grip onto the handles on each sides with your shoulder slightly to the back
  • Press the handles of the machine away from you by extending your elbows out in front of your chest
  • Reverse the motion slowly as you bend your elbows
  • Remember to exhale and inhale properly through the workout
  • Keep your movement steady and at a comfortable pace

Targeted Workout Area:

This workout will be most effective for your upper body muscles like your pecs muscles, shoulders, triceps and chest muscles.

Shoulder Press Machine: As for the shoulder press machine, it focuses more on your shoulder than any other area of your upper body. The machine attached with weights that are adjustable will allow you to toned and define your shoulder into a very well built structure. It also promotes stability and strength in the back and shoulder. However, it is important not to strain yourself too much as it could have a negative impact on your back and shoulder.

Tips and Proper Use Know Hows:

To correctly use the shoulder press machine, you should follow these steps:

  • Make adjustments to the height of the seat
  • Select your weight preference
  • Sit on the seat with your shoulder straight and back slightly to the back
  • Hold onto the handles that should be aligned with your shoulder
  • Then press your shoulder straight upward over your head by fully extending your elbows
  • Reverse the movement slow and steady, returning the handles to its original position at your shoulder height

Targeted Workout Area:

Doing shoulder press exercises will help you to exercise the muscles in:

  • Upper Body Muscles: deltoids, triceps, arm muscles etc
  • Core Muscles: abdominal muscles, obliques and lower back muscles

Balance exercises

Balance exercise is very essential in our lives as this type of exercise promotes our ability to gain control and stabilize your mind and body. It is essentially most important for senior adults but stands as an important exercising aspect for people of all ages. With these exercises we can build and strengthen our core body. The benefits from balance exercise are to prevent falling, creating a better balanced posture and practice for your body, losing weight with the minimalism amount of exercise, reduce the risk of having lower-extremity injuries and to improve our proprioception. Balance exercise may seem very easy but there are challenging sides to this type of exercise while providing effective results as a consequence from a strict balance workout routine.

There is no time limit for balance exercises, however it is recommended to have a 3-6 balance session in your workout plan per week with four training exercises per session. What to avoid during each session includes misconception of the form of the exercise, no precaution such as rails or objects to hold onto or support in case of slippery or falling. To have a safe workout balance exercise always make sure that you have your weight at the center before continuing with the exercise.

The types of balance exercise at home are various and come in many forms and have a wide range of equipment to help you have the best balance exercise workout experiences at home. Therefore, we have chosen the best type of workout routine and essential equipment for you to install in your home gym. Read on to find out the results.

Step Machine: Step machines are a very important equipment for a balance workout. It promotes stability and body workout. There are many different types of step machines and these are the different types listed down below:

Tips and Proper Use Know Hows:

Step machines are very convenient to use but can still not be effective without proper usage. Below are some tips to get the best out of this machine:

  • Keep your feet flat on the pedals, avoid using your toes too much and instead press down using your whole feet
  • Always keep your body positioned upright by using your core muscles to straighten your body, your knees should never travel above your feet’s end
  • Keep a well-balanced pace and minimize the use of the handrails

Targeted Workout Area:

This exercise is targeted for the muscles in your lower body, from your hips to your ankles, your lower leg muscles and thigh muscles.

Vertical Climbers: This type of step machines will give your body a full workout. It mimics the motion of mountain or rock climbing, requiring you to use both your upper and lower body. The pedals of the machine will make your feet and arms work into motion simultaneously. Gradually the tension and burning sensation will build in as you workout on this vertical climber long enough. 

Tips and Proper Use Know Hows:

The vertical climber exercise is a bit on the complex side which is why proper steps should be taken accordingly:

  • Make proper adjustment to the height of the machine to fit your body and the handles to be at your chin height
  • Do some warm up exercise
  • Start off by bringing your feet at a level position and place one of them onto the pedal to reach up to the handles
  • Keep your body in a straight posture while doing the workout 

Targeted Workout Area:

For this exercise, it is good for your whole body muscles found in the upper and lower parts as well as your core muscles such as your arms, back, calves, hamstring, glutes etc.

Stair Steppers: A stair stepper machine will focus on your feet and leg muscles as it mimics the action of climbing up stairs. The machine will keep your well balanced with its handrails while taking the pressure off your knees, preventing your knee joints from getting tense and strained.

Tips and Proper Use Know Hows: 

The stair steppers requires step by step formation as below:

  • Maintain an upright body position with your hips centered over your legs, elbows bending at 90 degrees or by your sides while your hands placing onto the machine
  • Move the machine in a rocking motion, back and forth while maintaining a straight bodyline
  • Press onto the pedals using the force onto your entire heels
  • Avoid pushing the pedals all the way downward or all the way up
  • Remember to stay focused and steady 

Targeted Workout Area:  

The stairs steppers are specialized into working your hamstrings muscles, core muscles, quads and glutes.

Mini Steppers: Mini steppers are useful, convenient and easy balance exercise equipment and also affordable as well. These mini steppers also come with resistance bands which allow you not to only work on your lower body but also upper body to promote stability and weight loss as well.

Tips and Proper Use Know Hows: 

Similarly to the previous home equipment machine, this mini steppers requires step such as:

  • Adjust the pedals then do some warm up exercises
  • Step your foot onto each sides of the pedals
  • Allow your body to be in a straight position and your wrists a little bit loose
  • Step downward onto the pedal with the focus on your leg movement
  • Remain a steady motion throughout the exercise

Targeted Workout Area:  

For this stair stepper machine, it will utilize our muscles in the thighs, calves, hip, glutes, hamstring areas and some for your arms muscles as well if the machine includes stretching bands. 

Yoga: Yoga is a basic workout exercise that improves your balance capabilities and freshens your mind to find inner peace and stability. However, yoga should not be taken lightly, the poses of yoga are countless and not all are simple and easy as you think. To get the best yoga workout experience, a well equipped yoga mat is needed. Yoga can be very effective for weight loss and building muscles too, moreover, there are limits to how much time you can spend on doing yoga. 

Tips and Proper Use Know Hows:

Yoga exercise require basic needs such as:

  • Keep a well engaged body throughout each yoga positions
  • Make sure to have your body relax and comfortable, do not overwork or push your body too hard
  • Breathe in and out in an orderly pace

Targeted Workout Area:

Usually, all yoga workout positions will make an impact onto your core muscles, arms, legs and back muscles as well.

Bosu Balance ball : Another effective equipment for balance exercise is none other than the bosu balance ball. The bosu balance is a two sided equipment that has a flat surface on one side and a soft ball-like dome on another side. The bosu balance ball really helps to intensify your workout routine while promoting your body balance, muscles training and to get you to sweat more. This fitness equipment allows you to workout your whole body, core and even indulge in strength and cardio exercise. Although the shakiness of the ball is a good thing, it is in your best interest to keep precaution from falling or slipping off guard.

Stability ball: The stability ball is a well rounded and lightweight fitness ball. This tool promotes core, upper and lower body exercise. It is a great extra tool to work with while exercising. It challenges you to keep balance while dealing with intense, hardcore body workout. You may feel the churning feelings from your body as it burns the calories and fats from your body. The stability ball is very well received and used as a workout prop.


Tips and Proper Use Know Hows:


For both the bosu balance ball and the stability ball, they have the same purpose and needs the same proper requirement steps like:


  • Choosing the correct ball size
  • Making sure the ball are filled fully and firmed
  • Keeping your body parts centered onto the ball and maintain the balance on it 

Targeted Workout Area:

The bosu balance ball and the stability ball are useful in intensifying your workout and strengthening the workout effect onto your core muscles such as your abdominal muscles, and stretching.

Flexibility Exercise

Flexibility exercise focuses on making your body flexible and improving your motion, especially your joints. This exercise helps to reduce your risk of getting serious injuries, the lactic acid in your muscles and also provide you some time of peace and healing. Flexibility exercise creates a sense of vulnerability yet graceful and strong movements, the exercise is actually quite challenging to keep up with.

This exercise can be used to combine with the three other types of exercise as a warm up exercise before a workout and can also be used to help relax your muscles after an intense workout too. However, it can also be practiced as a main workout routine as this form of exercise can also help you to lose weight and build as well as tone your body and muscle. There is no limit to the time spent on this exercise since it is seen as a minimal type of exercise although like the three other exercises, it is best to keep yourself working out at a considerable amount of time and give your body some time to rest. Also it is best to refrain from forcing yourself to do hardcore poses or flexibilty exercise from the start.

The equipments needed for a well planned workout routine at home are as listed follows:

Medicine Ball: The medicine ball is a heavy and durable ball that will help you keep balance yet challenges you to keep hold of your balance while working out. The medicine ball does it work by intensifying the difficulties of each workout to a different level. It makes sure your whole body can get a full workout effect contributing to calories burning, muscles building and weight loss.

Tips and Proper Use Know Hows:

Using a medicine ball, requires the similar needs as such the stability ball and balance ball too.

  • Keeps your elbows up and straight as well as your hands and shoulder
  • Use your lower palm to do the pushing and point your toe in a forward direction

Targeted Workout Area:

This workout will play a huge effect on your abs, deltoids, shoulder muscles, biceps, triceps, hip muscles, calves, glutes, hamstrings and more of your lower body parts.

Stretchrite: This flexibility workout equipment is a device that allows the user to have access to a better stretching position while pushing themselves to the core to get a controlled form of static stretch. By doing so, your body will stretch to make your muscles workout and be more flexible and less stiff. It can be a good warm up exercise for your workout routine as well. The stretchrite will make sure your body to exercise your muscle in the lower and upper body as well as your core and abs workout.

Tips and Proper Use Know Hows:

The stretchrite should be used in the same manner as the resistance bands, always keeping a proper body position and breathing sequences in comfortable and normal pacings.

Targeted Workout Area:

The stretchrite will play its effect onto your arm muscles, leg muscles, shoulder and back muscles.

Pilates: Pilates are fun and graceful exercises that promote your body flexibility and keep your body well toned and slim. It also has a great effect in building your body muscle and weight loss as well. Pilates can make you sweat a lot as well, it is a very effective flexible exercise to pick up. Pilates are not easy to practice but with some practical equipments it is possible to have a great time with pilates such as:

Reformer: This pilates equipment is a basic starter for all pilates workout. With the help from the reformer, you can start to make your body more flexible and burn calories while you’re at it. The equipment has a raised surface with an integrated shoulder block at the top and a foot bar at the other end which helps with good body postures for pilates workout.

Tips and Proper Use Know Hows:

When doing pilates, you should dress in comfortable, breathable clothing that are stretchy. A mat is normally used for normal pilates positions. For the reformers, you should:

  • Lie down with your head placed into the shoulder blocks while having your spine in a neutral position and engage abs
  • Proceed to reach behind and remove any loops from the blocks then bend your knees and place the loop around each sides of your toes
  • Breathe normally and keep your body positioned properly

Pedi-Pole: A pedi-pole is an equipment which requires you to be in standing positions and is designed to increase the strength in your upper body while working on your flexibility. It is most beneficial for your psone and good posture. The pedi-pole requires you to have a lot of strength to use it, so not only does it promote your body flexibility but strength as well.

Tips and Proper Use Know Hows:

The pedi-pole are used for advanced pilates movements and it requires step such as:

  • Keep your body positioned straight and proper
  • Perform the pilates moves using the handles from the pole
  • Maintain a stable body and steady movements

Barrels: The barrel has a visual of those like a chair but with a twist of a stair-like ladder to lock your toes in place while you workout your pilates moves. It is a great workout tool for spine extension workout exercises for those who are in intermediate levels in pilates. These equipment are slightly smaller than others which makes it a great tool to keep at your home gym.

Tips and Proper Use Know Hows:

As for doing pilates using the barrel, it is also one other form for a higher techniques pilates movement. When using the barrels, you should:

  • Stationed your body correctly to the pilates position
  • Maintained straight body posture through the workout
  • Breathe in and out normally

Targeted Workout Area

All pilates movement, with the use and without the use of equipment, all focuses mainly on your abdominal muscles, lower back muscles, hips and buttocks.

Trx Suspension Training: Trx suspension training is a heavy duty training gear with adjustable straps to make normal workout more intense and challenging. This flexible training workout session will workout your core muscle, upper and lower body such as arms, legs, glutes and back. It is a low-impact workout that is also great for aerobic and strength workout exercises. This particular equipment is designed for home workout and is really nice and easy for beginners. The Trx suspension training will help to lower your blood pressure, and take care of your “bad” cholesterol level in your body and work very well as well in reducing your body weight and body fat. The trx training can be done within 10-20 minutes per day and around 2-3 days per week for effective results.

And with that we conclude the essential equipment for your home gym to be a happy, creative working space for you and your family to the path of a healthier lifestyle.

Tips and Proper Use Know Hows:

Some tips on how to use the Trx suspension trainer includes:

  • Adjusting the straps height and positions, making sure that the straps are tight and firm
  • Make sure your are able to touch your feets to the ground, and extend the straps out fully without going off balance
  • Keep your body well balanced and straight, with your core engage
  • Maintain a good body posture throughout the trx movements exercises such as squats etc 

Targeted Workout Area:

By using the Trx suspension trainers, you will be working out your legs muscles, arm muscles, core muscles, chest muscles, and your lower body muscles.

Tips to keep a regular basis workout routine:

Now that we have gone through the different type of exercise and what type of workout you can practice to achieve the benefits of each exercise as well as the essential equipments to have in your personal gym at home and its benefits, they would still go to waste if you are unable to keep a strict and orderly workout manner. Therefore, in order to help you have an effective workout at home routine, here are some tips we can give you to maintain a healthy exercise lifestyle:

  • Include Active Activities into Your Daily Life: Having an active day throughout the week can really help to pump up your energy for a workout session. Include some exercises into your daily everyday routine little by little. Just 5 minutes worth of exercise at first can later on turn into a 30 minutes or more workout routine.
  • Have Workout Partners or Group: Invite yourself and others to join in a workout routine. Having a committed partner or group members can motivate you to keep your routine especially since you will be working out at home this could be a chance to create a tighter and meaningful bond with family and friends.
  • Track Your Workout Progress: Keeping track of workout results can be a very effective method as it lets you see the result from your hard work which will give you a sense of satisfaction and motivate you to further stick to the routine for a healthier lifestyle.
  • Be Creative and Fun: Let your creativity run wild, indulge yourself with routines that can be switched and have a good effective result as a whole. Keep your workout time fun and breezy. Your positive mindset toward workout will help you to keep the routine going.
  • Be Strict with Yourself: Do not make excuses, whether it is about work or other reasons. Stick to your routine daily and if you really can’t do a full workout session from your workout plan, half or one-third of it will do. No matter what happens, always find time to workout and don’t skip a day that is when you will get lazy then quit.

Factors to consider:

After going through all the essential areas about exercising and home gyms essential, there are still some things for you to consider. These includes:

  • Budgets: Your budget for your personal home gym is a very critical decision to make. Set on a budget for your home gym so you won’t overspend and you find alternative ways to create a full equipped home gym essentials. A home gym doesn’t have to be expensive to be effective but a well equipped home gym will be more satisfying when you have a set budget limitation.
  • Space: Consider how much space you have and how much space you can turn into a gym. By doing so you are able to install proper equipment without taking up too much space and cramming your workout space. As important as the equipment may be, having some free clear space can really motivate you to do your daily workout.
  • Workout Plan: Think of what kind of exercise you need. Set your goals and what you want to make changes on to create a healthier body for yourself. After doing so, find a workout routine that suits you and you can stick too. An effective workout plan gives an effective result in return.


Working out is a great deal for our health to be in a safe zone. Building and making yourself strong means a whole lot as a human being. Create a better, healthier version of your body and mind by exercising regularly. All of this can be done within the comfort of your own home. Lessen the expenses on travelling, membership fees, waste less of your precious time by building a more beneficial home gym entitled to you and your family. Hygiene, productivity, comfort, effective results and many more can be achieved through a home gym. So what are you waiting for? Plan and create your very own workout station at home now.