TOP 10 Best Yoga Mat Reviews in 2021 – Buying Guides

Yoga is a trendy and healthy set of activities. It involves breathing pattern and some physical movements. However, yoga has been practiced for thousands of years; and it’s not just trendy recently. Yoga in the modern day however requires modern accessories.

Those modern accessories such as yoga mats are helpful and assist in our yoga activities better. There are too many yoga mats available out there, nonetheless. Choosing the correct ones can be based on luck as a result.

No matter what, today we are helping you by bringing you to the ten best yoga mat reviews in 2021 with their key features and a product buying guide. Feel free to read the whole articles or scan for the most important pieces of info.

List Of Top Best Yoga Mats in 2021

10. Manduka best yoga mat for hot yoga

 Manduka eKOlite Yoga

Manduka is a good and firm yoga mat. Because of the rubber grip, users will feel firmness and comforts with the uses of Manduka. It is in fact made with foaming agents that are safe for the environment. Additionally, there is no AZO dyes that can result in negative affects to our space. Besides, it’s latex-free as well.

Other than a concern for the environment, the company produces zero waste from manufacturing the yoga mat. These are doubled gifts from the company to its customers and the world in general. No matter what the product is good for and eco-friendly, we should use it with care as well. It requires us to never expose the yoga mat to direct sunlight. For the cleaning part, we all can wipe clean with the mat wash designed by the same company.

Key Features:

  • Firmness & comforts with rubber grip
  • Manufactured with foaming agents
  • Safe for environment without AZO dyes
  • Featured as a latex-free yoga mat
  • Never expose to direct sunlight
  • Easily wipe clean with a mat wash

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9. UltimateBody yoga mattress

Ultimate Body Press Exercise

UltimateBody deserves our attention. Whether it is a yoga or intense workout, the mattress is suitable for all. It’s fairly large that users can lay down their full bodies on it. As a result, that’s not just a mattress for yoga but other exercises as well. We all can do some warm-up exercises with UltimateBody.

What’s more, the mattress is light and flexible. In fact, it is manufactured with premium material Vinyl that can last for years and give us the sense of comforts. When it lasts long, the material is good to our skin as well, lastly.

Key Features:

  • Serves as a fairly large yoga mattress
  • Mattress for yoga and other exercsies
  • Featured with lightweight & flexible qualities
  • Manufactured with premium material Vinyl
  • Materials good to our skin

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8. Zen Bear is the best non slip yoga mat

 Zen Bear Yoga Mat

We shouldn’t miss it because Zen Bear is a good yoga mattress. The mattress has a sticky texture. It enables non-slip feature with Zen Bear yoga mattress. Additionally, it gives out excellent tractions when you are working out on it as well. Besides, the product is good to our elbows, knees, hips and spines as they are padded with cushioning. The cushioning part is soft to your skin.

Moreover, with the color pattern, users will feel calm and fresh when doing exercise or yoga with the mattress. Other than that, it is manufactured with natural rubber that is eco-friendly. The material is biodegradable and is through 100% recycling process. As far as the mattress is moisture-resistant, it’s easy to take good care of it as well, lastly.

Key Features:

  • Sticky texture & non-slip feature
  • Featured designs enables good tractions
  • Good to your elbows, hips & spines
  • Padded with cushioning that is soft to skin
  • Feel calm and fresh with color pattern
  • Manufactured with eco-friendly rubber
  • Material biodegradable & 100% recycled
  • Comes with a moisture-resistant quality

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7. D&D yoga mat with strap

D&D Futon Furniture

There is nothing bad and everything good with D&D yoga mattress. It has a firm and comforting cover as well. Additionally, it protects the inside mattress very well. Users will like it with the navy-blue cover belonged to D&D yoga mattress. You get a sense of calmness with it.

In fact, the yoga mattress is manufactured with 5% polyester and 90% cotton. The combined fabrics boast soft touch and comforting feeling to all users. It is an extra thick yoga mat. Lastly, it’s easy to store and put it into later uses as well.

Key Features:

  • Firm & comforting cover coming along
  • Navy-blue color giving sense of calmness
  • Manufactured with 5% polyester and 90% cotton
  • Soft touch & comforting feeling to users
  • Easy to store and put into later uses

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6. Jade Yoga is an eco friendly yoga mat

Jade Yoga - Harmony Yoga

The company brings about around 15 color choices for its customer. Jade Yoga is a piece of yoga mattress that is as expensive as a jade for its quality and not price. It has great cushioning. Besides, there is a strong grip with it. Furthermore, because of excellent traction, doing exercise with it is comfortable and convenient for everyone.

What’s more, the premium fabric that makes Jade Yoga ensures long-lasting uses of the yoga mattress itself. Lastly, it’s an environmentally produced piece of mattress. The company is committed to plan around a million trees to compensate the environmental cost it makes for manufacturing the yoga mattresses.

 Key Features:

  • 15 choice colors to choose form
  • Manufactured with great cushioning
  • Strong traction with the yoga mattress
  • Premium fabric for long lasting in uses
  • Company committing to compensate for the environmental costs

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5. SunnyHealth

 Sunny Health & Fitness

SunnyHealth is not a lightweight yoga mat. It is in fact a heavy-duty yoga mat. The material that produces it is EVA foam which is a premium material. With a heavy-duty quality and premium material, they boast the product’s long lasting in uses. Moreover, the material enables the yoga mat to become waterproofed as well. Sometimes, we don’t use the mat for just yoga but also exercises which there can be sweats.

Besides, it just absorbs vibrations. As a result, there is a buffer between your fitness equipment that can be heavy and the floors. It avoids those floors from being scratched. In addition, the mat is non-slip. It has a high density for the non-slip quality. SunnyHealth requires minimal cares only. All we need to do is wiping clean the yoga mat.

Key Features:

  • Serves as a heavy-duty yoga mat
  • Produced with EVA foam, a premium material
  • Featured with a waterproof quality
  • Absorb vibrations & serves as buffer
  • Non-slip yoga mat
  • Requiring minimal cares only

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4. Deco

 Deco Traditional Japanese

Deco is a yet another premium yoga mattress. It is extremely soft. The product is manufactured with 90% cotton. There features a resilient foam layer and fiber batting layer alongside the cotton material as well. The combination designs Deco to become a flame-retardant yoga mattress.

It’s especially good for laying on traditional floors such as carpet and wood. The yoga foam mattress is not just good for yoga and meditation activities but also exercises as well.

Key Features:

  • Extremely soft as a yoga mattress
  • Produced with 90% cotton
  • Featured with resilient foam & fiber batting layers
  • Serves as a flame-retardant mattress
  • Good for laying on traditional floors
  • Good for both yoga and exercises

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SSLLPPAA Non-Slip Yoga Mat

The company designs SSLLPPAA with nine colors. It is manufactured with TPE material that is eco-friendly. The material is tear-resistant and durable. Besides, it’s a lightweight yoga mat that you can go for. Furthermore, there is an anti-slipping nature with the fabric that is very good for any sort of exercises activities.

SSLLPPAA is superb-soft and comforting. It, as a result, protects your bodies from any sorts of impacts directly against the floors beneath it. As some people don’t aware of, the quality is a make-up of foam with a close celled quality. These features and qualifications just design it to be one of the most exceptional yoga mats available out there.

Key Features:

  • Produced with 9 color choices
  • Made with eco-friendly TPE material
  • Featured with tear-resistant & durable material
  • Serves as a lightweight yoga mat
  • Functioned with anti-slipping nature
  • Protects your bodies from impacts against floors
  • Manufactured with foam of close cell quality

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2. Leewadee yogabed

 Leewadee XL Roll-Up

The company gives out around 20 colors for Leewadee yogabed. Because of the fabric, it is a breathable and comforting yoga bed to be available out there. It’s compatible with floor so as you can lay it to do exercises or yoga activities. Users can roll it for later uses as well.

Besides, the fabric is in fact untreated kapok that is extracted fibers form a tropical type of fruits. It delivers firm and comforting padding to the touch as a yoga mat. The style comes in a Thai traditional design that boasts up its awesomeness as well. Though not designed for this purpose, users can use Leewadee yoga mat to serve as a mat for guests as well. That is a bonus point for the yoga bed mattress.

Key Features:

  • Featured with 20 color choices
  • Serves as breathable & comforting mattress
  • Compatible with floors
  • Rolling it for later uses well
  • Manufactured with environmental-friendly untreated kapok
  • Deliver firms & comforting padding
  • Featured with traditional Thai pattern design
  • Able to use and serve guests

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1. Manduka Prolite foldable yoga mat

 Manduka PROlite Yoga Mat

Manduka Prolite comes out around 14 colors for users to choose one or two from. The product is very lightweight and serves us well as a yoga mat. Besides, it is wear-resistant and going to last for years. Because of latex-free construction material, there is a guaranteed safety for all of us as users.

Others, the company produces zero wastes for the whole process of manufacturing Manduka Prolite. There is no emission while it is a certified OekoTex yoga mat, lastly.

Key Features:

  • Featured with around 14 choice colors
  • Serves as a lightweight yoga mat
  • Comes with wear-resistant & long-lasting performance
  • Latex-free construction material that is safe
  • Company producing zero waste
  • Performs as certified OekoTex yoga mattress

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Buying Guide: Gymnastic Mats or Yoga Mats

Fabric: Fabric(s) is important to a yoga mattress. It gives out many premium qualities with the right and premium fabric(s). Some fabrics such as cotton gives out soft and comforting touches to users. Mixture of cotton with other materials can earn users good traction while using those yoga mattresses. The right ingredients will also boast long lasting in uses and design those yoga mattresses as wear-resistant products as well.

Comforting: Just because some mattresses out there are made from premium materials, they are comforting. In your yoga practices, you don’t want anything to bother you. Therefore, the product designs that give a great attention to comfort and breathability of the air yoga mattresses themselves are the golden spots.

Safety: Some premium yoga mattresses have layers as buffers between your bodies and floors beneath those mattresses. Consequently, users will have great opportunities to enjoy their yoga experience with very low chance of their bodies hitting against those hard tiles or floors because of buffers featured with those yoga mattresses. Some other products are latex-free that doesn’t give allergies to users who are not immune to those latex materials.

Environmental Friendliness: As everyone who is practicing yoga understands much about harmony, they are those people who have a great concern for our environment. Some yoga mattresses are produced with environmental-friendly materials such as those biodegradable materials.

Colors & Styles: Some great products go with their styles and colors as well. Doing yoga requires some senses of calmness and relaxation. Colors and styles are as a result very important. It has a point with colors and styles as there is an existing and well-known field of color therapy out there.

Easy Storing: No one can guess the easy storing feature can be a feature in the product buying guide. Nevertheless, as you practice yoga activities almost every day; you will start to know how much matter the easy storing is to those yoga mattresses.


Doing yoga is not a trendy activity for just now. It has been trendy for centuries. Nevertheless, modern days’ yoga also requires modern accessories. The most important of all are those yoga mats. Here are some premium qualities belonged to those yoga mattresses such as premium fabrics, comforts, safety, environmental friendliness, colors & styles as well as easy storing. These are the features in the product buying guide. We hope it served you well, and we wish you health and happiness with your yoga journeys as well.