TOP 10 Best Electronic Basketballs For Indoor Game

simplyUSAhello Indoor Double

Do you love basketballs? Do you usually walk straight to the electronic basketball slot when you enter a game center? If so, why not having an electronic basketball on your own? Having such a facility is a really nice idea because you can entertain and exercise at the same time in your own house. You can spend hours to play with the electronic basketball and challenge yourself to get sweats.

So, to help you to select the right electronic basketball for home use, we have compiled a list of the top ten best ones for you. Also, at the end, the buying guide will provide you an insight about how to choose the most suitable electronic basketball for yourself.

List Of Top 10 Best Electronic Basketball Products in 2021

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10. Franklin Sports Electronic Basketballs

 Franklin Sports Arcade

To begin with, we have this electronic basketball board game from Franklin Sports. It is designed ideally for 2 people to challenge one another. It has an arcade size with the area of 81 x 43 x 80.5 inches. For the structure frame, it features steel tubes to offer a sturdy construction. However, when not in use, users can simply fold it flat to store and transport easily and conveniently.

It is equipped with an LED scoreboard that shows the timer and sound for scoring. It offers just the right feeling that you have while you are participating in a real basketball game. Beside the machine, there are hoops and basketballs provided for you to be ready to play at the time it is assembled. It works with 3 pieces of AA batteries, but they are not included.

Key Features:

  • For 2 people
  • Includes 2 hoops and 4 basketballs
  • Made of steel tubes
  • Features an LED scoreboard and output music
  • Battery type: AA batteries (not included)

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9. Triumph Sports Electronic Basketballs

 Triumph Big Shot II Double

Next, we have this electronic basketball set from Triumph Sports. This electronic double basketball arcade system is designed for a head to head challenge between 2 people. There are up to 8 modes for the game that users can choose from for the competition. An LED screen is included to serve as an electric scorer to witness the basketball game process between the two.

Users can navigate easily to choose their favorite game function. There is a control panel included to offer you the selection through the menu set. When you stop playing the game, you can simply fold it up to consume little space for storage. In the set, it has already provided you with 4 basketballs and needle and pump to let you start the game immediately.

Key Features:

  • Arcade game for 2 people
  • 8 game functions
  • Includes a control panel, 4 basketballs, needle and pump
  • LED screen to show the score and timer.

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8. Atomic Electronic Basketballs

Atomic Jumpball Deluxe

Here comes this electronic basketball from Atomic. It is a dual electronic basketball system for 2 competitors to play and compete with one another. This comes with an electronic screen to show you the score and timer. It provides the most accurate scoring system to provide you a fair game. In addition, it offers a strong, durable and sturdy construction because it is made of steel tubes. The steel tubes come with a diameter of 1 – ½ inches.

This basketball electronic machine comes with a height of 89 inches. Apart from the electronic basketball machine, it features 4 pieces of mini basketball for you. Also, to make sure that the basketballs are always inflated, another air pump is provided for you.

Key Features:

  • Designed for 2 competitors.
  • Materials: steel tubes with a diameter of 1.5 inches
  • Electronic screen to show accurate score and timer
  • Includes 4 mini basketballs and air pump

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7. Giantex Electronic Basketballs

 Giantex Foldable Basketball

It’s time for us to look at another electronic basketball from Giantex. With this electronic basketball system, it comes with 8 game functions for you to choose from. Users can control the function and choose the option on your own. There are 2 basketball hoops for two users to play against one another for a competitive game.

In addition, there are 4 basketballs included in the package. The basketball has a diameter of 12 inches, which is the professional standards. The basketballs are made of rubber, which is very durable and long lasting. There is a digital scorer to show you the score and timer. With an iron construction, it is able to be folded when you stop the game. This way, you do not have to spend a lot of space for storing this electronic basketball machine.

Key Features:

  • Materials: MDF board, iron
  • 8 game options for you to play
  • Basketball size: 12 inch diameter
  • Digital scoring screen to portray accurate score
  • Foldable design

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6. simplyUSAhello Electronic Basketballs

 simplyUSAhello Indoor Double

Moving onto the next handheld electronic basketball from simplyUSAhello, it comes with a dual system for 2 players to play at the same time and compete with each other as they wish. It has a sound effect designed ideally for you to create a playful atmosphere, which offers you just the real basketball experience.

For the scoring system, it has an optical sensor to offer you with the ideal and accurate scoring system. The score board is electronic, and it has a dual display to show the score of both players. For the size of backboard, it comes with a dimension of 40 x 30 x 0.3 inches. More importantly, inside the package, there are 4 basketballs and 2 hoops provided for you to get ready with the game just immediately.

Key Features:

  • Dual shooting and scoring system for 2 players
  • Sound effect to simulate a real basketball game
  • Optical sensor to track accurate score and provide real time scoring
  • Includes 4 pieces of rubber basketball and 2 hoops

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5. A11N SPORTS Electronic Basketballs


Now, let us take a look at this electronic basketball from A11N SPORTS. It has the most premium quality because it is constructed of metal pipes. The metal pipes are resistant to rust with the diameter of 1.5 inches. Also, it features MDF backboard as well as nylon ball ramp. Thus, it can provide you with longer entertaining hours and many satisfied years ahead.

It includes 8 game modes for users to play without repeating the same each time. It is suitable for 2 players to challenge each other to strengthen their bond as well as body and muscles. If you are not sure about how to play, there is a game instruction booklet for you to view. While you do not use it, you can fold it to a much smaller size to store conveniently and save space.

Key Features:

  • Materials: metal pipe, MDF backboard, nylon ball hole
  • 8 game options for users to choose from
  • Game instruction included to guide you through the game
  • Foldable design when not in use

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4. ESPN Electronic Basketballs

 ESPN EZ Fold Indoor

Then, we also have this indoor electronic basketball for 2 users to enjoy at once. It comes with a package of only 45lbs, yet with 6 pieces of parts that you need to start your basketball game. This electronic basketball machine comes with a foldable design for users to store conveniently. This is desirable if you are living in a small apartment or sharing your dorm with a few friends because it enables you to start the game to create some good memories.

There are up to 8 games for both 1 and 2 users. This is suitable for you to play with others as well as entertain on your own when your friends or family are not around. It comes with an LED scoring system with the sound effect equipped to offer you with real game experience.

Key features:

  • Materials: steel rim and MDF backboard
  • 8 game modes for both single and double players
  • Foldable design for little space consumption for storage
  • LED scoring screen and real game sound effect

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3. Harvil Electronic Basketballs

 Harvil Double-Swish Electronic

This is an electronic basketball machine from Harvil, which is available for you at a reasonable price. It has a strong and sturdy construction with the use of high quality materials, such as wood, steel tubes and backboard. Users can choose among 8 game functions provided to start the sport time with yourself or other friends.

Users can assemble and disassemble within minutes. One significant feature is that it allows you to fold into a smaller size when you no longer need the game. This provides you with additional space to store other essential things. The floor is designed in wood yet with 3 ply of cloth design. It offers you the most enjoyable and safest game. Last but not least, there are basketballs, hoops and nylon nets included for you.

Key Features:

  • Materials: wood and steel tubing
  • foldable into a smaller size
  • 8 game options for manual play
  • Accessories: basketball, white nylon net and hoop

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2. Lanos Electronic Basketballs

Dual Shot Basketball Arcade

For the rank 2nd of the top ten best list, we have this electronic basketball from Lanos. It features the most challenging arcade basketball game that you can play with friends or family. It is suitable for home, office as well as basement. Users can play with other people to challenge the basketball skills of one another.

For the construction of the electronic basketball system, it is made of steel tubes with a diameter of 1.5 inches. They are finished with powder coating to be resistant to rust. It comes with durable ball return to maximize the quality of your game. It can be folded to only half of the full assembly size to save space when it comes to storage.

Key Features:

  • For 2 people
  • Material: 1.5 inch steel tubes
  • Foldable design for easy storage

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1. Pop-A-Shot Electronic Basketballs

 Pop-A-Shot Official Dual Shot

Last but not least, we have this electronic basketball set from Pop-A-Shot. It offers you the most classic yet challenging game that you can ever experience. With a durable construction, it features the use of high quality materials, such as steel tubes. It is suitable for 2 people to challenge one another with 10 types of game functions.

Thus, users can play long hours together. More importantly, there are up to 6 types of music effects for users to enjoy real basketball game. Users can choose it all from the manual control on their own. In the package, it also provides 4 basketballs and pump to get ready for the game at any time.

Key Features:

  • Constructed of steel tubes
  • 10 game modes
  • 6 music choices
  • Accessories: 4 basketballs and air pump for inflation

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Buying Guide

Now, coming to the buying guide section, you are invited to learn about the main factors that determine the best electronic basketball set. Let’s go through the criteria with us now.

Game modes: for single or dual players, it should feature about 8 – 10 arcade game modes. This is to prevent the users from getting deterred by the same game mode every day.

Sound effect: the game function is never enough if without a great sound effect. The simulation of real basketball game will make the users more likely to play the game with a more focused and enjoyable attitude.

Materials: it should feature steel tubes for the frame construction. The ball return part is made of durable nylon just the same as the ball net.

Scoring board: with an LED board, it should show the accurate scoring system to provide users with a fair game. Also, it can show the timer for both users to see clearly.

Accessories: for the last part of the set, it should include 2 – 4 basketballs, hoops as well as air pump. There are important to create a fun and exciting basketball game.


Above are the top ten best electronic basketball systems. We guarantee you with the best quality and price to maximize the value of money spent. Thank you for shopping with us.