TOP 10 Best Exercise Balls in 2021

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We all need to do some exercises to activate wholly every part of our bodies. Now, some people like simple exercises such as trekking, walking, running and more. Some other people like exercises such as cycling. Many of us like those indoor exercises and go to gym. There are many accessories for indoor exercises and gyms. Exercise balls are the common one.

An exercise ball is simple yet boasts our productivity when we are working out. The following we are presenting you the ten best exercise balls with their key features and a product buying guide. Feel free to read or scan for important parts such as key features and a product buying guide.

List Of Top 10 Best Exercise Balls To Consider in 2021

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10. SPRI Pregnancy exercise balls

SPRI UltraBall Exercise

SPRI is an excellent exercise ball to have around. It is made with thick-gauge material that gives the product a heavy weight. Furthermore, it’s resistant with deforming and stretches. Besides, its performance is solid. In fact, SPRI is one of the most reliable exercise balls available in the market. Because of the material, the build is to last as well.

The exercise ball has a good traction with our body for its 360-degree shape. The ball is so impressive as an exercise ball. The exercise ball back stretch features a black color that gives in a sleek and modern outlook.

Key Features

  • Designed with thick-gauge material
  • Resistant with deforming and stretches
  • Featured with a solid performance
  • The product build is meant to last
  • Earns good traction with our bodies
  • Comes with a black and modern outlook

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9. FitterFirst

 Fitterfirst Duraball

FirtterFirst enables an almost perfect exercise ball. It is made with premium material such as innovative synthetic. With the material, FitterFirst comes to have anti-burst quality with it. The ball has a firm traction as you use to for exercise over time. Additionally, it has a good rating because it is flexible for users while you use it for exercise.

The ball requires inflation. Nevertheless, a ball pump is not a part of the collection. Users should have their own pumps or buy pumps separately, lastly.

Key Features

  • Manufactured with premium material, innovation synthetic
  • Designed with an anti-burst quality
  • Gives a firm traction as we exercise over time
  • A flexible exercise ball to have
  • Requires inflation
  • A ball pump is not in the collection

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8. Gymnic

 GYMNIC Plus 65 Exercise Ball

Gymnic serves as a well-performing exercise ball. It is manufactured for your cares. The product is free from latex, BPA and phthalate. As a result, it’s a good product to have. There are no allergies to you from latex, for example. Additionally, it’s an exceptional ball for flexion. Furthermore, the exercise ball does encourage balance and coordination when you are doing exercise

Lasly, Gymnic let you have exciting exercises. The exercise ball designs with an orange color.

Key Features

  • Free from latex, BPA & phthalate
  • Serves as exceptional ball for flexion
  • Encourages balance & coordination
  • Designed with an orange color

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7. Prism

 Prism Fitness 75cm

Prism let users have their choices. The company enables the design in three different sizes. Furthermore, it is manufactured with PVC material that is burst-resistant. The material does promote long-lasting uses of the exercise ball as well. Additionally, Prism is a versatile exercise ball that is flexible. You don’t just get it for your homes or gym places but also offices as well.

It doesn’t only serve as the exercise ball but the ball that you can enjoy and relax when staying with stress in those offices. The company well thinks about the product with 13 different exercise activities printed on the exercise ball. That is a good thing to have whether you are self-starters or advanced users of exercise balls.

Key Features

  • Enabled with 3 different sizes
  • Produced with PVC material burst-resistant
  • Material promoting long-lasting uses
  • Serves as versatile exercise ball
  • Works great at homes, gym places & offices
  • 13 different exercise activities printed on the ball

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6. Intent Exercise Balls With Handle


We all will admire Intent exercise ball’s quality. It is manufactured with premium PVC material with layers of structures. Because of the material and product design, it is puncture-resistant. Besides, it can support a weight of 2000 pounds with it as well. It’s a good exercise ball for those of you who like to exercise at home. The exercise ball improves your back and spine situations as you will come to see.

Moreover, it’s a lightweight exercise ball. That enables easy carrying around whether it is your homes, offices or gym places. Although, it isn’t normal for people to carry around their exercise balls from one place to another; it’s about emphasizing the suitability of it to any types of environments. Exercises come with many activities with the uses of it. Users can exercise many parts of their bodies including backs, legs, shoulders, etc. The company offers full-satisfaction warranties to all the product’s buyers. There’s no doubt they are doubled warranties. The exercise ball ab crunch quality itself is the first warranty of all.

Key Features

  • Built with premium PVC material
  • Formed with layers of structures
  • Featured with a puncture-resistant quality
  • Supportive to 2000 pounds weight
  • Serves as a lightweight exercise ball
  • Suitable with homes, offices & gym places
  • Suitable with many exercise activities
  • Full-satisfaction warranties to all buyers

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5. AmazonBasics Exercise Balls

AmazonBasics Excersize

The company brings about three different sizes for AmazonBasics. The exercise ball is produced with PVC exterior that boasts the product to become burst-resistant. Because AmazonBasics is also sand-filled, the whole exercise ball absorbs impacts very well. It’s a good exercise ball to have for CrossFit exercises and other types of exercises.

Furthermore, the texture surface is rugged. It therefore is promoting easy and secured grip. For the part of taking care of it, users just need to wipe clean the exercise ball. Lastly, we all will get one-year warranties with limits from Amazon for assurance of the product’s quality.

Key Features

  • Featured with 3 different sizes
  • Produced with PVC exterior for bust resistance
  • Sand-filled for absorbing impacts
  • Good for CrossFit exercise
  • Rugged texture surface
  • Promotes easy & secured grip
  • Easily wipe clean to take care
  • One-year warranties from Amazon

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4. Aktiv Exercise Balls with Handle

 Let's Get Aktiv Exercise

Aktiv is an exercise ball for stability. Users can hold their balance easily with Aktiv. Additionally, the exercise ball is produced with premium material that reinforces your safety as the product is burst-resistant. Furthermore, it’s a good exercise ball for home. As it requires inflations, one ball pump is included as a part of the package.

It’s a good exercise ball for improvement on your postures and shoulders. Lastly, the company offers an outstanding customer service to its customers as well.

Key Features

  • Featured with stability & balance
  • Produced with top-graded material for bust resistance
  • Great as a home exercise ball
  • Requires inflations
  • One ball pump included in the collection
  • Good to improve your postures & shoulders
  • Outstanding customer service to customers

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3. RGGD Exercise Balls with Handle


RGGD is a superb-thick exercise ball. As it has a thick quality, it also has a burst-resistant quality as well. Therefore, the exercise ball is good for exercising and safe to users as well. Inflation and deflation come at ease. Additionally, RGGD can withstand a weight pressure as heavy as 2100 pounds.

With your yoga and exercise activities, users get balance with the exercise ball. Lastly, the product is manufactured from high-quality PVC material that gives such the mentioned qualities for it.

Key Features

  • Superb-thick exercise ball
  • Featured with a burst-resistant quality
  • Inflation & deflation coming at ease
  • Withstands a weight 2100 pounds
  • Achieve balance with it
  • Constructed with PVC material

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2. TRX

TRX Training Slam Ball

TRX will amaze all of us. It is constructed with rubber shell. The material is a premium material in the industry. It assures the exercise ball to become thick and durable in uses. Furthermore, it boasts TRX to be well absorbent with impacts. There are around nine options for the sizes of it that you can choose one or two from. Besides, it’s very tough just to emphasize there shouldn’t be hassle with it.

Additionally, the texture surface is easy-grip. It gives us secured handles when being on training. Lastly, the company has years of experience and is a leading company in the field.

Key Features

  • Constructed with rubber shell
  • Featured with thick & durable qualities
  • Comes with impact-absorbent quality
  • 9 options of sizes to choose from
  • Very tough for any sorts of workout activities
  • Easy-grip texture surface
  • A leading company in the field

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1. PowerSystems Exercise Balls 55 cm

Power Systems ProElite

It’s an amazing exercise ball to have around for CrossFit exercises or just plain and basic exercises. PowerSystems is produced with premium PVC material that is so strong and so top-graded. It assures the exercise ball to withstand a weight pressure of 600 pounds. It’s a burst-resistant exercise ball that requires inflation, nevertheless.

Additionally, the texture is slightly dimpled. It earns good tractions as you exercise with it. Besides, it lets you do exercises with full uses of its 360-degree shape. There are many types of exercises and physical movements users can go for with PowerSystems exercise ball. That exercise ball is good for homes, offices and gym places. It isn’t picky with places at all, lastly.

Key Features

  • Produced with premium PVC material
  • Withstands a weight pressure 600 pounds
  • Featured with burst-resistant quality
  • Requires inflation
  • Slightly dimpled texture for tractions
  • Good for homes, offices & gym places

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Buying Guide: What makes the best exercise balls?

Burst-Resistant Quality

There is no doubt all the exercise balls we mention here require inflation. As far as inflation can go for those several exercise balls, only premium and top-graded exercise balls are burst-resistant. It’s important for those inflated balls to be burst-resistant because it’s about users’ safety. Often, the premium balls are manufactured from PVC material that gives great and burst-resistant qualities to them.


Good and high-quality exercise balls assure balance for users with ease. As we all need to admit, doing yoga and practicing exercises with these exercise balls are about achieving balance. Furthermore, it’s no longer about material, and it’s about a product design. The product should be designed for balance whether you are self-starters or advanced practitioners of exercises and those yoga activities.

Traction Texture

Texture of those exercise balls is as important as the burst-resistant quality and balance. There is a thing or two with the traction texture. Good texture lets you earn traction with those exercise balls. There is a point for the traction. When you are practicing with those exercise balls, you want to be merged with those balls and get close to them. That’s how the exercise is supposed to be and how traction is supposed to work.

Inflation Pump

It’s important to take a note that not all the mentioned exercise balls here come with their own inflation pumps. Some of us however might have a few exercise balls already. Therefore, you have your own inflation pumps, and it’s not a big deal whether the package include it or not. Nevertheless, some others will have those exercise balls for the first time. As a result, it’s important that we all take note whether the inflation pumps are part of those collections or not.

Easy Clean

The easy-clean quality shouldn’t be a very highly expected quality belonged to those exercise balls. However, you all will start to notice it matters. There will always be sweat when you are doing exercises. Therefore, it’s good that those exercise balls are very easy to clean. It’s great that all of us can just wipe clean those exercise balls, as a result.

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An exercise ball is a good start for those beginners who want to start doing exercises or yoga activities. Some of us also want to add one or two more exercise balls and replace the old with some new ones. No matter what, there are some qualities a premium exercise ball workout should have including burst-resistant, balance and traction texture qualities. Additionally, it should be easy to clean as well such as wiping clean with a damp cloth. Buyers should also take note whether those exercise balls come with inflation pumps or not as well.