TOP 10 Best Gym Floor Mats & Exercise Mats in 2021

RevTime Large Exercise

People nowadays like to live in a healthy lifestyle. Even if they are busy, they still manage to find time to work out at least 15 minutes or on the weekend. In these modern days, you can exercise from anywhere you like — at home, gym or running in a public area like at the park. There are also different styles of workouts based on what goal you want to achieve or what type of body you want to have. And, when it comes to exercising with gym mats, there are many types and models available. Yet, you must choose the one that is used for gym purposes or it won’t be durable. So, here we’ll provide you with 10 best-selling gym floor mats or exercise mats of 2021.

List Of Top 10 Best Gym floor Mats or Exercise Mats in 2021

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10. Rubber Floor Mats – Elephant Bark

Rubber-Cal Elephant

Here is a gym mat from Rubber-Cal. This is actually a recycled product from rubber yet, It’s quite a good product with great quality. The rubber mat comes with anti-slippery to prevent any accident caused by the sweat during any excessive work out. You can use this mat for many purposes. If you’re the type that likes to work out from home, you should purchase this mat to spread out on the floor where you use it for work out.

More than just flooring only for physical exercise, you still can use it to cover many other areas such as for an equipment, basement, garage or any other places for protection. It’s also easy and takes a few minutes to prepare and install it. The width is not too thick but sturdy, and it won’t sink when you walk on it.

Key Features

  • The mat is quickly to spread out on the area and use for any motives
  • It’s durable in any condition such as running, walking, doing work out or lifting weight.
  • It also supports outdoor activities and the quality is still the same as it use inside, a long lasting product

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9. AmazonBasics Gym Floor Mats

AmazonBasics High

AmazonBasics has introduced a new mat to the market for everyone to check out. As you can see, the mat is thin, so you will feel at ease while moving it around. This mat is also a great addition for your other gym equipment like treadmill or anything similar. To avoid scratching the floor accidentally, you have to put something underneath the mat. The mat can be rolled, and won’t take much space to store.

This mat is also a great choice for self workout or aerobic style. But, the main purpose here is that it is a product to support other gym equipment.

Key Features

  • Great to support gym tools and workout movement
  • Prevent any damage that might happen to the ground or floor
  • There’s no need for you to spend lot of effort on cleaning or placing them away
  • As the texture is soft but thin, it won’t work great against strong activities required putting weight on like jumping.

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8. GXMMAT Home Gym Floor Mats

 GXMMAT Large Exercise

This extra wide exercise mat with an extremely long length is a product of GXMMAT. With this mat you can use both sides for workout either with or without shoes as the skin of the mat is made with prevention of any slippering accident while sweating a lot. The high quality of the material making won’t allow your skin to get rust from making direct contact with the mat.

It is perfect for yoga or cardio exercise since it’s leathery and not too thick. It won’t stretch out of its original shape even if you jump up or down on it. Furthermore, the mat helps reduce the noise while you exercise on it.

Key Features

  • Durable and protects the floor from scratching
  • Can be used for a long period and won’t tear easily
  • Additional tools: 1 pair of gym gloves, a bag for carrying the mat and providing a lifetime guarantee.

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7. Airex Fitline 140 floor mats gym

Airex - 32-1248C Fitline

Airex also had produced an excellent exercise mat called Fitline 140. The size is suitable for one person on the mat. It’s not too thick or too thin, the overall balance is great. You can use it for any situation whether exercise at home or somewhere as the mat is easy to roll for storage and lightweight to bring along.

The surface of the mat has a soft touch feeling but tough, makes you comfortable and won’t damage your skin. Another benefit is it’s water-resistant which is easier for you to clean it and use immediately. The anti skid feature was designed in order to avert any worst scenario from happening.

Key Features

  • The product is waterproof and won’t move around on the floor at all
  • Can be used for a long period
  • Its firmness can protect the mat from tearing while moving with your shoes on.

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6. Square36 rubber floor mats for gym

 Square36 Extra Large

With this gym mat from Square36 laying underneath, there’s no need for you to wear shoes while exercise. The size is huge enough to cover the space for your gym room and you can put your gym equipment on it instead of the ground because it will leave some scratch since they’re heavy. Both sides are usable so you can switch over whenever you feel like it.

The mat can be put out on any ground as it won’t slide no matter what. Any type of workout is possible because the mat is made from good raw material so they can guarantee you with the quality within a foreseeable future. As for the gym flooring, you can add a yoga mat on top if you prefer or you can just use it like that.

Key Features

  • Usable for different type of exercises
  • One of the best feature is the size is larger than normal gym mat which more convenient
  • The mat is resistant to the slippy exterior
  • It is also adapt well with any selective floor

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5. Gorilla Exercise Mats 

Premium Extra Thick

For this Gorilla Mats, you can use it as a flooring for your gym space or just do your exercise on it. If we compared the Gorilla mats to other brands, we can see the difference in size. While others either come with just larger in size or a bit thicker, this product already gives you every quality you need which covers both requirements.

In that case, you can use it as it is now. Plus, you don’t have to worry about hurting your knee or joint from now on. This exercise mat also has a non-slippery feature included, and supports any weight of the user.

Key Features

  • Due to its thickness, there won’t be hardly any sound
  • You can use both sides of the mat with no worry
  • The warranty is giving a lifetime condition
  • The extra tools: towel, carry bade and strap

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4. CAMBIVO Rubber Floor Mats

 CAMBIVO Large Exercise

You can choose to purchase the exercise mat from CAMBIVO as well. Their product is extremely good in quality and large which is convenient for you. Both sides are non-slip, as the bottom has a texture to prevent the sliding during the activities like jumping. You can place the mat on any kind of ground including on sand. While the top layer is not hard so it won’t hurt your knee in case you have to kneel down for a long period, the pattern of texture is softer and flexible no matter how you move.

The rubber cushion is made of the finest material and thicker than some yoga mats, so it helps with preventing a lot of sound. This is not only for Yoga but also goes well with all types of home workout. Sport shoes are optional if you decide to get this mat.

Key Features

  • Suitable for any type of exercise
  • There won’t be any noticeable noise while using it
  • If you buy this gym mat, you’re bonus with a pretty great quality microfiber towel, 2 of velcro straps and an additional bag for storage of the mat.

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3. BalanceFrom GoGym All-Purpose

BalanceFrom GoGym

You must have never seen this type of gym mat before. There are 4 panels in total and you have to fold them first before putting them in storage. For this exercise mat extra thick, there’s the wet resistance so it’s easy for you to soak and clean it with soap without worrying that it will take a long time to fully dry.

The surface is soft and your back won’t be stiff if you lay down for a long time. There’s also a handle attached so it’s easy for you to carry it around.

Key Features

  • This mat is good for any type of workout
  • The 2 years warranty is included after you purchase it
  • Even if it’s thick and large, you won’t take a lot of time, and it’s easy to fold and bring along to any place.

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2. RevTime Exercise Mats

RevTime Large Exercise

RevTime has released a gym mat for all those who love workout from home and had a hard time finding a suitable one. This exceptionally durable mat is perfect for any kind of activity even if it’s outdoor or indoor, since the texture is anti-slip for both sides. The size is large enough for two people to use together. Thickness is acceptable and comfortable while using.

Even though you use it for workout 2-3h, the rubber will help protect your whole body from getting hurt or rust. It doesn’t bother you much for the space of storage since you can roll them up and put inside the giving bag.

Key Features

  • You can use it for any exercise
  • The non-slip prevention is on both the top layer and bottom layer.
  • As for exercise mat disinfectant part, you can clean it thoroughly easily with water or sanitizing wipe
  • There’s a storage bag for you to place the mat inside to protect and easy to take with you

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1. IncStores Fubber Gym Flooring

IncStores 5mm Rubber

The flooring gym mat of IncStores comes with an extra length of 4ft x 15ft. It’s long but at the same time large, so you can use the whole mat and spread it out to cover the whole place. If you don’t want to, you can also customize the mat to your personal preference.

So, if you decide to buy this mat, you’ll save a lot of money and spend less time on doing more research for different mat. The mat is made from a recycled rubber and a high quality to ensure the smoothness on the surface of either side on the mat.

It is great to support the gym equipment like treadmill, stationary bike, barbell, pec deck machine, and many more. Not only that, it’s also great for workout activities like cardio or zumba.

Key Features

  • The mat can use for both doing exercise and flooring for gym equipment
  • It’s lengthy and convenient for flooring the area of gym or workout place
  • There’s a prevention of slipping while moving on it
  • There’s a warranty of 5 years for purchasing this mat

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Buying Guide

Size: of course, it’s important to take into account the size of the math you should get. This depends on what you will use it for and what kind of exercise you are doing. If you’re just doing yoga, cardio, zumba, or any exercise doesn’t require large or heavy equipment, you should get a size that fits just enough for you when you need to lay down as it’s easy to store it. If otherwise, you can get a long one laid out for a wide area of preventing any scratch on the ground due to heavy objects.

Quality and Durability: getting a comfortable mat is what you shouldn’t overlook. As you need to use it many times per week and for a long time, you must feel pleasant while using it. Moreover, the quality must be good and durable to any condition such as non-slip, wet resistance, won’t tear easily, soft and anything you think you would like to feel.


In the end, you need to make a clear judgment toward spending on the gym floor mats or exercise mats as you need to use it for a foreseeable future. If you make a wrong decision, it will cost you a lot of money and waste time on it. So, for a safe choice you can decide on those 10 gym mat we list down above as references, following with a buying guide to make sure you’re choosing the right one.