TOP 10 Best Fitness Activity Trackers in 2021 – Buying Guide

V16 Fitness Heart Rate

Are you looking for best Fitness Activity Trackers? We are becoming more and more health-conscious and while we exercise or work-out, there are many several factors that can help us optimize our fitness goals in a faster time. One of these is fitness activity tracker smartwatch. This article presents the top 10 fitness smartwatches.

These smartwatches represent the best on the market and this article highlights their main features in terms of functionalities, different data tracked as well as extra features that make some of the watches more than an activity tracker. .

List Of Top 10 Best Fitness Activity Trackers in 2021

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10. Garmin vívosport Fitness Activity Trackers

Garmin vívosport

Monitor your fitness exercises and progress with this wonderful Garmin vivosport fitness activity trackers watch. Users appreciate how lightweight it is and how comfortable it is to wear while exercising. The watch has a width of 0.83 inches with a thickness of only 0.423 inches. While the display being small, it is conveniently lighted so that information shown is clear and easy. Likewise, it has been designed so that it is easily responsive to users tapping on the screen.

In addition to that, it offers a full-day stress recording that allows users to identify and respond to stressors. Designed for your overall well-being, its smart features allow one to work inside and also outside; it has a built-in GPS that effectively tracks exterior activities. This fitness activity trackers watch allows users to track essential information such as temperature, calories burned, level of stress, heart beats and other data such as number of stairs mounted.

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9.Bluetoo Smart Bracelet

Bluetoo Smart Bracelet

The Bluetooth Smart Bracelet is definitely a fitness activity trackers ring that any fitness lover would qualify as excellent. The smart bracelet can be used for indoor and outdoor workouts.  The ring is  IP67 waterproof ; it is resistant to sudden rain and sweat. It has the ability to count steps, track calories burnt and distance and time during exercises. In addition to that, that smart watch can monitor blood pressure, sleep mass as well as monitor your heart rate during the whole day. It offers a long battery-life; the 180 mAH battery can last for 10-day with a full charge.

The Bluetoo smart bracelet offers compatibility with Androids 4.4 and above, plus iOS 8.0. As such, it allows users to receive smartphone application notifications, text ,as well as, calls. When notifications come, the sender’s and content preview are displayed for users’ convenience. Likewise, with the watch upgraded to a complete touch experience, the display screen has been designed so that it does not affect users’ eyes, be it at night or during the day.

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8. Garmin vívosmart 4 Fitness Activity Trackers

Garmin vívosmart 4

The Garmin vivosmart 4 offers fitness activity trackers with GPS features. It can be easily connected to smartphones via GPS so users can receive real-time tracking while they are running or walking outside. In addition to its convenient features, the design of the watch blends fashion and ergonomics. It also serves as a styling accessory.

The watch’s fitness tracking features include all-day stress tracking, breathing timer, activity timers and heart rate monitor to name a few. Moreover, thanks to its Pulse Ox sensor, when worn on the wrist it helps to monitor sleep patterns and measure levels of oxygen/blood saturation. Its battery can last for up to 7 days and the watch can support use during swimming or showering. Coupled to these, the watch provides vibration alerts when the users receive calls, messages or other application’s notifications. As such, users can stay connected with their phone even while working out.

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7. Fitbit Charge 3

Fitbit Charge 3 Fitness

Try the Fitbit Charge 3 Fitness Activity Tracker and you will adopt it ! It has been designed to offer all useful features for users to amplify their fitness or workout goals. It offers an incredible 15+ exercise modes to cater for everyone’s fitness needs ; running, biking, swimming, yoga and circuit training to name a few. Optimized, Charge 3 offers better measurements of calories burned and allows users better understand their heart with its 24/7 cardio rate tracking. Its battery takes only 2 hours to charge fully and has a seven-day battery life.

Additionally, the watch automatically records data such time under the light and the user’s different deep and rem sleep phases. Users can check their health and activity trends and get personalized advice with Fitbit products; these are compatible with iOS 11+, Android OS 7.0+ and Windows 10 v1607+. The Fitbit Charge is also compatible with swimming ( it is resistant to water to up to 50m) and can be used under the shower.

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6. HalfSun Fitness Activity Trackers

 HalfSun Fitness Tracker

Our HalfSun activity tracker watch will be an excellent assistant in helping you to achieve your fitness goals efficiently, in comfort and with essential information support. The activity tracker records all activities in all day; calories burned, distance, number of steps, active minutes, as well as, sleep patterns.  Moreover, it helps to track accurately important real-time data such as blood pressure and cardio rate. Users can have a report of all these data and monitor trends in the fitness application.

By connecting the watch to your smartphone, you can get running stats and also record a map of your running route. The watch offers an excellent design for users’ comfort.  It features a large 1.3 inch full-color HD screen and is made of skin-friendly material. Users can connect the app ‘H Band’ and activate the different options for reports or tracking modes.

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5. V16 Fitness

V16 Fitness Heart Rate

A modern activity-tracker watch that will optimize and help monitor your daily physical activities; V16 fitness. This is a powerful activity tracker watch that has a built-in sensor, plus a pedometer, that counts with accuracy users’ distance, calories burnt, and steps climbed. Likewise, its PPG sensor tracks and monitors blood pressure and heart rate. Designed for users to have the most accurate data for their wellness, the V16 tracker watch also monitors sleep and offers a physical period management for females. Our watch is perfect for daily use ; it is IP67 waterproof, has a long-battery life of 7 days based on usage frequency, is made of ultra-comfortable PU bands and can be easily charged using USB cords.

Moreover, users can connect it to our “wofit” app for more interesting features. The app is available in 12 languages. Likewise, users can connect the smartwatch to their smartphones and get notified when they receive calls, SMS or updates from their social accounts. Additionally, other features are available; camera remote, alarm and stopwatch.

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4. UMIDIGI Smart Watch

UMIDIGI Smart Watch

The UMIDIGI Smart Watch Fitness Tracker Uwatch is a unisex watch that offers design, functionality and quality all in one. The watch’s face is constructed of 316L stainless steel and with scratch-resistant tempered glass. It is a very comfortable watch that can also be used when swimming as it is waterproof. Its 260mAh battery can last up to 10 days depending on the usage frequency. Users can have accurate data about their daily physical expenses as the watch automatically records counts of steps made during the day, 24/7 heart rate, as well as sleep trends.

By connecting to the Fit Pro app, users can enjoy 12 different sports modes that focus on both indoor and outdoor exercises. In addition to that, you can connect the watch to your phone’s GPS to receive real-time distance and speed. Users have the option of synchronizing the data to Google fit Apple Health Strata. It features other interesting features such as weather email, alarm clocks, do-not-disturb mode and timer.

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3. GOKOO Smart Watch

GOKOO Smart Watch

This watch, in addition to all its amazing features, is very well popular for its stylish design feature. It is also a fashionable accessory for users. Its circular display features a 1.3” color screen that is durable and anti-glare. Likewise, for users’ eyes comfort and the screen brightness is adjustable. The GOKOO smart watch is excellent at fitness tracking; it accurately records day-long calories burned, steps done and distance. It is useful in recording data during activities such as football, basketball, tennis, badminton, swimming or mountain climbing to name a few.

Moreover, being health-centered, the smart watch can also measure heart rate, sleep and blood pressure, thus allowing users to explore to monitor health data and improve their daily lifestyles. There are also other practical functionalities that users can enjoy ; remote camera control, alarm clock, pedometer or reminders. It is also possible to connect the watch to smartphones for receiving push notifications while indulged in your activities.

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2 . Fitbit Versa 2

 Fitbit Versa 2 Special

This Fitbit Versa 3 is a special edition smartwatch that offers smart features, durability and greatest of comfort. With this upgraded watch, users can collect and monitor essential data to reach their fitness goals or to improve their lifestyles. The watch accurately tracks data such as restlessness, sleep and heart rate. In addition to these, it can record time in light, floors climbed, steps, distance, time being active, and calories burned. For better insights with customized health and fitness  advice, users can connect with the Fitbit premium (which is available for free for the first 3 months). The smartwatch has a built-in ‘amazon Alexa’ that  offers up-to-date news, allows users to check weather, use timers or alarms. Users can also manage other smart home appliances using voice via Amazon Alexa.

Other interesting features of the smartwatch is that it is also compatible with the Spotify app. By downloading the Pandoras stations, users can enjoy 300 plus songs right at the convenience of their wrist. Likewise, users can receive calls, calendars and other notifications right from the smartwatch.

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1. Smart Watch Fitness Tracker

Smart Watch Fitness

This smartwatch fitness tracker is a perfect assistant in monitoring fitness progress and helping anyone achieve their exercising goals. It helps accurately record real-time daily activity , heart rate and sleep trends. In addition, it tracks counts of steps done, calories burned, speed, exercising time, mileage and energy consumption. Depending on your progress and fitness goals, you can adjust the intensity and exercising plans. With 4 main interfaces, users can use it under cold showers and up to 50 meter while swimming.

The smartwatch features a 1.3 inch screen with super high-definition quality. The watch is made of TPU material; making it lightweight and very comfortable to wear. It takes only 1-2 hours to get fully-charged and has a battery-life of 10-15 days with daily use. It is also possible to connect the watch to your smartphone by downloading the app ; thus, you can always stay connected to Facebook, Instagram and receive other notifications via your smartwatch.

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Buying Guide

One should choose a watch that matches one’s individual needs in terms of the kind of information required ; for instance, based on individual goals, one may track data such as heart rate, sleep quality, distance, active time or counts of steps.

Battery Life
It is very important to be aware of the battery life when choosing an activity tracker. A tracker that can last for 2 weeks after a full charge is very convenient. Users can use it more frequently while enjoying more features off-charge.

Other features

There are many other features that make an activity tracker very attractive. It is very practical to have a smartwatch that allows users to be connected to their phone and receive calls, messages and push notifications while exercising. Similarly, users may like other features such as stopwatch, remote camera and reminder.


Some activity trackers have their downloadable app on smartphones that allows users to have reports, insights and guidance based on the data tracked by the smartwatch. This data helps users to keep record of their progress and which area of their lifestyles to improve on.