TOP 10 Best Floating Mattress or Floaties To Buy

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Having a pool at home is cool. We can swim, chill and do exercise and other physical activities so as to stay active. We should also have some accessories to play along with the pools. Some people will suggest a water gun. However, one of the best accessories to have along your swimming pool is a floating mattress or inflatable pool floats. We all can relax in the pool with it.

As a floating mattress let us chill, sleep and relax when it keeps floating, we are introducing you to the ten best floating mattresses in 2021 with their key features. Also, kindly consider the product buying guide because it can be helpful when you are being indecisive.

List Of Best Floating Mattress and Pool Floaties in 2021

10. Pool Supply – Pool Floaties/ Pool air mattresses

The Pool Supply Shop

Pool Supply will offer you have a fun time. There is no doubt it is a fun thing to have for some reasons. First, its mesh that constructs Pool Supply is heavy-duty. It makes a wear-resistant quality. Alongside, it doesn’t absorb heat. That makes a perfect accessory to have for your fun and exciting swimming time. The fabric is so good that it is also fade-resistant.

Moreover, the style of floating is a bean bag that some of us might find favorite with it. It’s a good floating mattress to have because it doesn’t retain water when you don’t use it. The floating beach mattress’s lightweight quality even makes sure you enjoy having the floating mattress to an extreme because of all of these combined qualities and not limited to the product’s ergonomic design.

Key Features:

  • Mesh fabric: wear-resistant, fade-resistant and absorb heat
  • Floating style: bean bag floating style
  • No water retention: good for pool or beach
  • Ergonomic design: maximum relaxation for users

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9. Pool Mate Pool Rafts

 Pool Mate X-Large Foam

Closed-cell, buoyant and soft foam is what this Pool Mate floating mattress is known for. Its ripple texture makes the product long-lasting. Moreover, it’s easy to clean with it as well. Because of the fabric, Pool Mate is both wear-resistant and fade-resistant. It makes a performance for long lasting uses. Thus, not only we have fun, but we will have fun for an extended period of time that is amazing to have for a pool mattress.

The product is excellent with adults and not recommended for teenagers. We all can choose one among several colors belonging to it. Whether one color or another, it won’t compromise the fun, excitement and relaxation we have with the product itself.

Key Features:

  • Closed-celled, buoyant & soft foam: long-lasting and easy to clean
  • Quality fabric: wear-resistant and fade-resistant
  • Product design: recommended for adults and not teenagers
  • Choices of colors: several and no compromise the quality

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8. Texas Water Floats

Texas Recreation

Texas is a good floating mattress. We all know this when we figure out it is made with vinyl-coated, smooth and soft foam fabric. The fabric keeps things simple and easy to clean. Moreover, it is resistant against unnecessary stuff such as salt water, chlorine and sun. As we all can see, Texas is good for not only the pool but a beach 1 hour away from your home as well.

Moreover, the product features a head support that makes it easy for users to enjoy and have relaxation with it. Users don’t need to inflate anything with the floating mattress. What’s more, it just doesn’t absorb water that makes it an exceptional floating mattress. All in all, it’s a great mattress because of the quality of the fabric and careful thought of the product design itself.

Key Features:

  • Vinyl-coated & soft foam fabric: easy to clean and long-lasting
  • Resistant against salt water, chlorine & sun
  • Good for both pool and beach
  • Feature: a head support for maximum relaxation
  • No water absorption: good for later uses

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7. Pool Master

Poolmaster Swimming

The fabric chosen for this pool mattress that makes it is resistant against weather. The polyform fabric is corrosion-resistant as well. The floating capacity has a loading capacity for 275 pounds, furthermore.

What’s more, it just has an ergonomic design when there is a headrest for you to relax. The overall structure keeps things simple for users to nap, read or just chill. It has a high backrest as well. Users can enjoy all the excitement with Pool Master’s free-floating nature that makes it an exceptional thing to have for your newly built swimming pool. In overall, the product is from good to great because of the fabric and ergonomic design for every user.

Key Features:

  • Polyform fabric: corrosion-resistant & weather-resistant
  • Quality floating mattress: 275-pound loading capacity
  • Ergonomic design: headrest and excellent structure to chill out

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6. Swimline swimming pool floats

Swimline Sofskin Luxury

Swimline makes a luxury floating mattress as we all can see. The product design is simple yet ergonomic with headrest and everything that users can just chill. The fabric is thick and makes floating easy even with high loading weight. Furthermore, it requires no inflation with it that makes it a go-to floating mattress we all don’t need to care much about if we want to use it or not.

For easy storage, users can just roll it up. Everything is soft, and all you need to do is chill. The product won’t absorb heat, but as we all expect, no one is going to chill under very hot summer as it is a part of our nature to know what’s right and wrong. No one just wants to get burnt with hot sun even when their floating mattresses are fine with it.

Key Features:

  • Ergonomic design: headrest and structure for chilling
  • Thick fabric and no inflation needed
  • Capacity for high loading weight
  • Storage: easy with rolling up

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5. Maui Mat

Maui Mat (by Aqua Lily

Maui Matt is a pretty huge and safe floating mattress not just for your swimming pool but also for lakes and rivers as well. The loading capacity is 1000 pounds, so there is no doubt about it. Deal or no deal, users can stretch Maui Mat out and let your family members lay on the floating mattress. It can support several people at the same time as we all can see with the product’s loading capacity.

Besides, the foam material that makes up the mattress form two layers that are very supportive. The whole floating mattress for the lake is very lightweight and compact that users can roll it up for later uses and put in your cars for traveling. The product makes a pretty great relaxation for you and your family members.

Key Features:

  • Good for swimming pools, lakes and rivers
  • Loading capacity: 1000 pounds (several people)
  • Supportive fabric with two layers of foams
  • Lightweight and easy to roll up for later uses

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4. Rubber Dockie foam rubber mattress

 Rubber Dockie 18x6-Feet

Rubber Dockie is your superb floating mat and not just a mattress. The inner matric fabric makes the product wear-resistant and tear-proofed. That also makes a perfect combination with an extremely large size alongside the scratch and slip-resistant quality belonged to the fabric. Users can enjoy and relax on the giant floating mattress.

In fact, it is the foam closed-celled fabric that makes high performance and exceptional quality of the large floating mat. The texture makes it resistant against grime and dirt as well. The product doesn’t require inflation. Lastly, you and your friends or family members can have fun by playing fun games with the giant floating mattress.

Key Features:

  • Inner fabrics: wear-resistant & tear-resistant
  • Outer fabrics: scratch & slip-resistant
  • Name of the fabric: closed-celled fabric
  • An extremely large-sized floating mattress
  • Supportive to several people (at the same time)

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3. Aqua outdoor floating bed/ inflatable pool bed

Aqua Duo Reversable Lime

Aqua is a one-person floating mattress easily. Although, the product requires an inflation; it doesn’t come difficult. Moreover, there are other advantages that already downgrade this inflation feature. The mesh is heavy-duty and makes long lasting uses. In addition, it doesn’t absorb any heats. Under the hot summer season, you don’t feel chilled by the UV because users are sleeping on the always cool-down Aqua floating mattress

Furthermore, it does make an ideal floating mattress because the fabric is fade and weather-resistant as well. Users can enjoy your time by relaxing and chilling or playing with your smartphones with the small floating mattress. Please make sure however your smartphones are waterproof or have waterproofed layers to protect them.

Key Features:

  • A one-person floating mattress
  • Does require inflation
  • Mesh with a heavy-duty quality: long-lasting
  • Not absorb heat and always cool down
  • Fabric: fade & weather-resistant
  • Good for chill out or play with your smartphones

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2. Intex pool floaties for adults

 Intex Blue Tropical Island

This giant floats for swimming pools are not typical floating mattresses. Several reasons serve it well as one of the most excellent-serving floating mattresses available in the market. Users can basically relax with firmness and ease because the whole structure makes it so. Its pentagon structure does certainly make reliable and firm relaxation whether it is a lake or pool.

Additionally, even though it requires inflation; the product can support five people at the same time. It is a bonus as a substitute for the need to inflate Intex floating mattress. Besides, there are even four cup holders. That’s great whether it is some cans of soda or beer. Users can literally make a party out of the inflatable floating pentagon mattress. You will never go thirsty by just relaxing on the mattress without some drinks next to your hands.

Key Features:

  • Firmness and easiness because of ergonomic structure
  • Pentagon structure possible for 5 people
  • Does require inflation
  • Serve users with 4 cup holders

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1. Aquatic floating mattress

 Aquatic Ultra Luxury Pool

Aquatic is a fairly large floating mattress. However, it is for one person only. The foam mat is made with premium material mainly Vinyl for long-lasting uses of the floating mattress. It doesn’t require any inflations at all, that saves you time. Users can roll it up and enjoy your holiday time and peaceful moment with the non-inflatable one-person floating mattress.

The fabric makes it clear no mildew, mold or chlorine can do any messes with the unsinkable floating mattress. Additionally, because of the wavy texture, we all will have a smooth ride with an Aquatic one-person floating mattress. You can also relax on the other side that has a smooth texture. It’s one way or another that users have their ways to choose their comforts, lastly.

Key Features:

  • A large one-person floating mattress
  • Fabric: vinyl for long-lasting performance
  • Fabric against mildew, mold and chlorine
  • Doesn’t require inflation
  • Wavy texture on one side and smooth on another

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Buying Guide

Fabric: Users should make sure whether the fabric or material that constructs your preferred floating mattresses do make sense or not. We all should ask some questions such as whether the fabric is wear and fade-resistant. Furthermore, we should know whether it is resistant with mildew, mold and chlorine. What’s more, there is a need for a floating mattress that is always cooling down despite the hot summer days.

Inflation or No Inflation: We recommend you search for non-inflation floating mattresses because they are easy to use and roll up for later uses. There don’t need much preparation out there for users to enjoy their swimming pools or lakes near the houses. However, if you are choosing the inflatable floating mattresses, please make sure there are other additional qualities to substitute the inferior inflatable quality of your preferred floating mattresses.

Loading Capacity: Users usually know what loading capacity they need for their floating mattresses. Some of us need a one-person or solo floating mattress because we just want to chill with ourselves. The rest of us want some sorts of floating mattresses that can accept many people so that we can enjoy and play fun games with our friends or family members.


Having a swimming pool is cool, but it’d be more fun if you are having some floating mattresses whether they be inflatable or not inflatable.

Please consider some qualities such as fabric, inflatable or no inflatable and loading capacity for your convenience in buying the right product.

Furthermore, please look at the full structure of each floating mattress so that you get a whole idea whether the floating mattress bed is going to last or not. We wish you good luck.