TOP 10 Best Grape Cutters and Tomato Slicers in 2021 – Buyers’ Guide

While there are plenty of sweet and juicy fruits being farmed every day, grape is one of the most delicious type of fruits available. That’s a good thing that our earth has created grape for our enjoyment. Now, some people will just enjoy grapes and cherry tomatoes by basically washing them with water, and that’s it. Some other people will like to cut those fruits. Cutting those grapes with specialized cutters keeps thing simple and easy. Here, we are having the ten best tomato and grape cutters in 2021 with a buying guide.

List Of Top 10 Best Grape Cutters and Tomato Slicers in 2021

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10. FineBaby grape cutter

cutter HANDY

FineBaby is a great and excellent grape cutter. There is a thing or two with it that make the product an exceptional one in the industry. It can slice varied types of fruits and not only grapes. Those fruits are such as cherries and tomatoes. That’s a pretty good product when you have children with teeth not strong enough to bite whole fruits.

Moreover, FineBaby features a cover that seal and protect all of us from accidents with the sharpness of its blade. It’s convenient to clean for the fruit cutter. Plus, users will find it easy to use as all we need to do is to put fruits into a tube and let the blade do the work. Lastly, it is made free from PVC material that is harmful to health.

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9. Slicex tomato slicer

 SLICEX Vegetable Slicing

Many among us will like Slicex for some reasons. First, there comes a cutting board in a curving or three-dimensional shape. As a result, those fruits just drop to a place where you can use the knife that comes along to cut those fruits in half. It’s an easy to use as a grape cutter. Moreover, it’s a compact product.

Users like many of us can disassemble it in two pieces that makes it flat and easy to store. Lastly, it is a safe product with a dish washer.

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8. Homyl grape cutters

 Set of 2 Grapes

Homyl is a go-to grape cutter. It can cut varied types of fruits including strawberries, tomatoes, cherries beside grapes. Moreover, it can cut eggs as well. It makes an easy cutting as those fruits fall into the tube, and all you need to do is sliding the blade for cutting precisely into half grapes and other fruits.

The product makes excellent as a fruit or grape cutter for salad or salad fruit. Moreover, it’s easy to make foods for your babies with little teeth as well. Homyl is easy to release those fruit and get cleaning, lastly.

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7. Linsheng Grape Slicers

Banana Slicer for Kitchen

Linsheng makes an excellent grape cutter. It has blade constructed with stainless steel. Nonetheless, the blade comes in a blunt shape which is safe to your fingers. Moreover, users like many of us will cut fruits and grapes faster with it.

Beside cutting grapes, it is an excellent fruit cutter for banana. It can cut many slices of bananas in a matter of seconds. It is thus good as a fruit cutter for our morning smoothies. The product is safe with a dish washer.

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6. YJDT Tomato and Grape Cutters

Multifunctional Fruit

YJDT is a very small-sized grape cutter. While it can cut both fruits and vegetables, that’s only applicable with small fruits and veggies. As a result, YJDT is a perfect cutter to cut grapes. Besides, it has blades that are made with stainless steel that reinforces the sharpness and efficiency of the fruit or grape cutter.

Moreover, the product has an elegant design that is easy to use. It is made with BPA-free material. Thus, there is no worry to your health. The product is a good grape cutter to have in our kitchen.

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5. KitchenIQ Grape Cutters

KitchenIQ Veggie Slicer

KitchenIQ has its selling point. It has several advantages. The product can cut both fruits and small vegetables, on one hand. On the other hand, there is no slipping as the grape cutter comes with a curving design. While knife is not a part of the collection, you can use almost all types of knives to cut fruits that fall into the curving tube.

Additionally, it has a capacity to cut 5 grapes, cherries or small tomatoes at the same time. It’s a good machine to have for our kitchen. It keeps things easy to make fruit salad.

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4. Snowyee Grape Cutters

Grape Cutter

Snowyee is safe to us and our family. It is constructed with BPA-free material that has no toxic components. Moreover, the blades are among the sharpest in the industry to cut those tomatoes and grapes efficiently. We all will like to use Snowyee to cut fruits into small pieces.

It is safe with a dish washer. Lastly, the company that offers the product is offering excellent customer service with it. The customer service can last for one full-year from when you buy the product. That’s an ideal customer service available in the industry as far as we have known.

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3. Rapid Slicer

Rapid Slicer

We will find favorite with Rapid Slicer as we all can cut fruits rapidly with it. There is only single pass of cutting that is all required to cut those grapes and fruits. The feet are non-slip alongside a handle at the top lid. Thus, it protects your hands from accidental cuts.

What’s more, Rapid Slicer can let you cut fruits of larger sizes as well. Besides, users can slice meat with it as well. Nonetheless, we should not mix things up with utensils for fruits and veggies as well as utensils for meat.

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2. Faberware Grape Cutters

Farberware 5152306

Faberware is a good grape cutter to have in your kitchen whether it is a small or huge kitchen room. There is a thing or two that is great with the product. Faberware can slice grapes for baked treats tossed salad and fresh chicken salad as grapes can be recipes for both desserts, meals and light snacks. Additionally, all we need to do is squeezing the handle so as to slice those grapes.

The product is safe with a dish washer. Lastly, it weighs 2.08 ounces.

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1. Home-X Cherry and Grape Cutters

HOME-X Strawberry Slicer

Home-X has an awesome design with a shape like a strawberry; even though, it is a grape fruit cutter. Furthermore, all you need to do to cut those fruits is to press the cutter so it will cut any small fruits instantly. There are seven pieces of metal blades for it.

On the other side of the aisle, it makes great fruit salad with Home-X. You can get this as a gift for your friends while you are having one for yourself as well. That’s an ideal grape and strawberry cutter to have in any kitchen. Lastly, it weighs 2.4 ounces.

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Buying Guide

Convenience of Cutting: The grape cutter should keep things easy for us to cut our favorite fruit. That means just a little press or a little pass of cutting so as to make your favorite fruit salad.

Safety: It should come with cover or rounded blades that are safe for all of us as users. That doesn’t only keep things simple but also safe as a grape cutter.

Types of Cuttings: Some grape cutters cut grapes into two halves while other grape cutters cut those grapes into multiple slices. That’s how you want those slices to be, and it’s up to personal preferences, nevertheless.

Sharpness of Blade: Please note that some grape cutters don’t have blades. They in fact form curves or tubes for your normal knives to cut through those grapes and fruits. However, some fruit cutters have their own blades. That’s a thing you need to know about a fruit cutter.

Outlook: Outlook doesn’t matter much, but it does matter. It makes us enjoy the process because we are having some awesome grape cutters.


Some days, you want to make fruit salads. Some other days, you want to make fruit smoothies. As a result, it’s good to have a grape cutter. In fact, a grape cutter doesn’t just cut grapes. It also cut other fruits such as cherries and strawberries as well. Some fruit cutters can even cut meat. Nevertheless, we should not mix things up together between fruits, veggies and meat.

Quality grape cookie cutters should be easy to cut those fruits and grapes, on one hand. On the other hand, it is safe for all of us to cut those fruits. The blades should be sharp; even though, some fruit cutters just don’t come with their own blades. While types of cutting styles are up to personal preferences, you should choose a product that has a good outlook design.

All in all, it is helpful to have silver grape cutters at home. While there are plenty of choices, you may consider features in the product buying guide. There should not be anything else as it comes down to only those core qualities. However, we respect your personal choices and freedom. We hope you get the right product that you like so much, and you make fruit smoothies or fruit salad with it almost every day. Let us know shall you have any feedback over this article review or suggestion for future product reviews.