TOP 10 Best High Waisted Yoga Pants in 2021

If your daily workout exercise is yoga, you might have known that the quality and function of the pants that you are wearing determine the quality of your yoga exercise. The yoga pants are normally high-waisted and highly elastic.

In this article, you are going to explore about the top ten best high waisted yoga pants that all come with great quality and outstanding features to bring you an unforgettable yoga experience. Please follow us along until the bottom because there is a buying guide section waiting for you at the end.

List Of Top 10 Best High Waisted Yoga Pants in 2021

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What are high waisted yoga pants to buy?

The followings are reviews of the high rated items. You have to go through them to find out which ones are most suited yourself.

10. Skechers see through leggings

Skechers Women's Walk Go

Among all the high-waisted black yoga pants on the market, this one from Skechers is considered to be on the top quality list. The pants are made of 88% nylon and 12% Spandex. They are imported, and they feature a pull on closure to fit your body snugly. The pants are both moisture wicking and machine washable, which mean it saves you a lot of time and effort in the cleaning process. The inseam length measures at 26 inches, and it provides a soft texture just like cotton. The pants come with high density, and they show the S logo of Skechers on the side of the waistband.

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9. NIRLON tight yoga pants

NIRLON Straight Leg

Next, we have this high waisted pants from NIRLON. The pants are made of 92% cotton and 8% spandex. With many years of experience in the field, the pants are made with effective features. It features deep color which does not allow others to see through the pants easily. The high waist design is very suitable for sport use because it enables tummy control. It is thick enough to compress women’s maternity. More importantly, it can be for both sports and daily use. For the washing guideline, it is recommended to wash the pants with warm water only in order to maintain the quality of the pants in the long term use.

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8. CRZ YOGA see through yoga pants

CRZ YOGA Women's Naked

Let us take a look at this high-waisted yoga hot pants from CRZ YOGA which is designed ideally for summer use. It comes with many color designs, and there must be one that you will fall in love with. The pants are built from 71% polyamide and 29% spandex. Thus, it provides a very comfortable and breathable experience. It is also a high-waisted yoga pants with pockets hidden inside for you to store any essential belongings. The fabric is both light and stretchy to provide you with a naked sensation. The pants are there to responsible for smoothing the tummy of yours.

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7. Colorfulkoala leggings with pockets

Colorfulkoala Women's

Moving onto the next high-waisted yoga pants from Colorfulkoala, it is available in many colors. It is made of 75% polyester and 25% spandex. It is crafted from soft fabric to provide you with a naked sensation. This see thru yoga pants does not restrict your movement, and it offers the best flexibility in your workout. It is designed with great comfort, and it features a seamless waistband that will not dig into your body. There are pockets on side for you store any essential items during the workout process. The length of the inseam is about 25 inches. For these reasons, this pair of pants is highly recommended for you.

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6. BALEAF see through yoga pants

BALEAF Women's

For this high-waisted yoga pants from BALEAF, it is made of premium quality materials, including 87% of nylon and 13% of spandex. It features a pull-on closure with the waist height of 0.7 inch. The width is about 14 inches, and it fits your waist snugly according to your size. The fabric is both breathable and moisture wicking, which helps you a lot in the work out process. It provides full coverage, and it will not drop or fall no matter what the situation is. There is also a gusset crotch which is designed to maximize your movement. Therefore, it is suitable for various activities, including yoga, exercise and running.

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5. Heathyoga leggings with pockets

Heathyoga Women’s

Heathyoga also provides one of the best high-waisted yoga pants on the market. The pants are made of 80% polyester and 20% spandex. It is an excellent workout pant because there is a tummy control to provide you with the most effective workout experience. This yoga pants with pockets also brings convenience because there are 2 large pockets on the side in order for you to store any things that you prefer. It is highly elastic, enabling you to move freely without any worries. Besides workout, users can also use it for casual wear or work purpose. It fits with all types of clothes. Within 30 days, if there are any problems with the pants, you can claim for a refund or replacement with confidence.

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4. Lingswallow high waisted yoga pants

Lingswallow High Waist Yoga

Now, it’s time for us to look at this high-waisted yoga pants from Lingswallow. It features an elastic closure which provides you just the best fit. It is also equipped with non-see through technology, allowing users to wear without any worries on the outlook. The high waist design is for tummy control in order to support the body of the users. It is made with smooth and soft threads, and the fabric is also moisture wicking. It is also breathable, which is for summer use. There are also pockets equipped to the pants. They are for you to hold some essential items, such as phone and key.

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3. THE GYM PEOPLE high waisted leggings


Here is a high quality of high-waisted yoga pants from THE GYM PEOPLE. There are many sizes to suit different waist sizes. There are also various colors for you to choose from. It features an ultra-stretch fit, which supports the body well. It maximizes the movement and lets you move around freely. The pants are also moisture wicking which can dry your sweat very quickly. The materials offer you with a feeling of cotton, which is both soft and smooth. More importantly, there are side pockets which you can use to store anything that you prefer to bring along with you.

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2. QUEENIEKE black yoga pants


For the rank 2nd of today’s top ten list, we have this high-waisted yoga pants from QUEENIEKE. There are many features that make this pant legging stand out. The pants are made of 75% polyester and 25% spandex. In addition, the materials are sweat wicking, which provides you a smooth feel and supports your body well. On the pant, there is also a side pocket to support any essential items, including key, phone and card. The pants are suitable for not only sport use but also at home as well. Users can wear it for sleeping or going outdoors for a picnic or a trip.

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1. Fengbay yoga pants with pockets

Fengbay High Waist Yoga

Last but not least, we have this high-waisted yoga pants from Fengbay. It features 4 way stretching, and it is equipped with non-see through technology to ensure you with a safe and secure workout experience. This tight yoga pants includes both inside and outside pockets which provide plenty of space for you to store many things, including cell phone and card. It has a high waist design which offers the best tummy control. It can improve your muscle strength and blood circulation. Last but not least, it features moisture wicking, which make the sweat dry quickly. Within 30 days, users can claim your money back if there are any problems.

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Buying Guide: high waisted leggings and high waisted pants

While looking for a pair of good high-waisted yoga pants, you may feel overwhelmed by many products on the market. Therefore, before making your purchase, you should take serious consideration on the following features.

Materials: the material is one of the most important feature of a yoga pant. The fact is that it determines how much comfort and elasticity you can get during the workout. Therefore, it usually uses spandex, cotton and nylon, which are soft, smooth and comfortable for daily workout use. Also, the fabric should be moisture wicking, which means it can dry quickly from sweat. It is also very convenient while going on a trip when you have to wash and go.

High waisted design: you have to look closely for this feature because it makes your workout process more effective. The reason is that it provides the best tummy control that turns out to be a great body support in the workout.

Pocket: for most of the yoga pants, they include both inner and outer pockets for you to store anything that you need to keep with yourself, including key, card and phone.

Security: even as a pair of pants, it should provide the best security for women by equipping with non-see through technology.


To sum up this article, above are the top ten best high-waisted yoga pants. If you want to start doing yoga exercise, it’s time for you find yourself a pair of good yoga pants first to make your experience more effective.