TOP 10 Best Instant Screenhouses in 2021

Alvantor Screen House Room

Are you you looking for the best instant screenhouse? Instant screenhouses can be a survival equipment in outdoor settings. It can be set up at the camping site or in the forest to provide you a shelter to protect you from any threats in the surrounding environment. It usually features a quick installation, which enables you to assemble it quickly in time. If you are looking for a good instant screenhouse, you may feel overwhelmed by too many products listed in both traditional and digital markets. Therefore, this article will provide you with the top ten best instant screenhouses as well as the buying guide.

List Of Top 10 Best Instant Screenhouses in 2021

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10. Shadeidea Instant Screenhouses

 Shadeidea RV Sun

First of all, we have this outdoor forest instant screen house from Shadeidea. There are 3 colors which you can choose from, including black, brown and navy blue. It serves as a sun blocker which can reduce the sunlight by 86%. Also, it provides enough privacy since people cannot see what is happening inside, whereas the insiders can see through the window.

It is built from vinyl with double needle lining. It also features polyester mesh, which is both durable and breathable. Moreover, there is an additional storage bag made from Oxford fabric. For the installation, it is very easy to set up the screen house with a few slots to attach. With the size of 9 x 17.5 feet, it offers a 3-year warranty on the quality of the product.

Key Features:

  • Block sunlight by 86%
  • Made of vinyl and mesh fabric
  • Storage bag included
  • One-way view window
  • Warranty: 3 year limited period.

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9. Wenzel Instant Screenhouses

Wenzel Smartshade

Here is an instant screenhouse for camping from Wenzel. If you plan on a camping trip, this screenhouse is highly recommended for you because it is very easy to install and use. The installation process can be finished within minutes with the use of a quick release button. Users can use it to adjust the height quickly and easily.

It is made of steel frame and coated with powder to create a durable and smooth surface. There are points and lines on all the four corners to ensure the best stability while in use. It is also equipped with deck feet to attach to the anchor points via screws. More importantly, there is a stabilizer arm on dual sides to add more eave support to the screenhouse.

Therefore, when you go camping and plan for a BBQ or picnic party, this is highly recommended for you.

Key Features:

  • Weight: 37 pounds
  • Frame: sturdy and durable steel with powder finish
  • Dual stabilizer included
  • Easy release button for installation
  • Adjustable height
  • Stable design with attachment points on all four corners.

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8. YANES Instant Screenhouses

YANES New Kuche

YANES offers one of the best instant screen houses on the market. It has a dimension of 12 x 12 feet, while the height is about 7’6”. It serves as a great dining shelter in the outdoor environment, and there are 2 doors for you to access. The doors need to flap down in order to close and provide full protection to secure you against rain outside.

It features a large zipper, and it does not allow others to see through the interior of the tent. However, users can see from the inside easily. The water column is measured at 2000mm to maximize the protection. It is also equipped with ridges on 4 sides. Last but not least, it also provides a storage bag for you to carry the instant house with you easily.

Key Features:

  • Size: 12 x 12 x 7.6 feet
  • No see through window
  • 2 access doors
  • Large zipper closure
  • Water column: 2000mm
  • Storage bag included.

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7. Alvantor Instant Screenhouses

Alvantor Screen House Room

This is known as a timber ridge instant screenhouse which is made ideally for camping. It features a beautiful blue color appearance with the size of 10 x 10 feet. It also claims to be the lightest screenhouse while providing enough space for up to 8 adults to enjoy together. If compared to other competitors on the market, its weight is only about one-third of the others.

It is suitable for outdoor BBQ since it is equipped with 360 degree ventilation. This way, it will not contaminate any heat or odor inside the house. It is also a great shelter for those who love to enjoy night view. More importantly, the top fabric comes with UV protection at the level of 50+. In addition, in order for you to use it in an outdoor environment, there is a storage and carry bag included to support your belongings with confidence.

Key Features:

  • Dimension: 10’ x 10’
  • Capacity: 6 – 8 adults
  • 360 degrees of ventilation
  • Rain and 50+ UV protection
  • Carry bag included

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6. Casita

 Casita 12-Panel Square

Moving onto the next instant screenhouse from Casita, it comes with a large area to accommodate several numbers of people. It has a size of 12 x 12 feet which forms the area of 144 square feet for you to enjoy in 3 different seasons. Inside the package, it comes with a 90% assembled mode for you to set up easily without any further worries.

It features a strong and sturdy metal frame. The screen uses the fiber glass along with the memory mesh to provide a comfortable and breathable environment. Therefore, it can keep the insect out of your sight to stop the distraction. It includes another 3 layers of vinyl on the top to prevent water from coming in in case of the rain. Users can set up easily with the hinged door to position anywhere you prefer.

Key Features:

  • Area: 144 square feet
  • Suitable for 3 seasons
  • 90% pre-assembled condition
  • Material: metal frame and fiberglass screen
  • Rooftop: triple layer of vinyl to offer waterproof protection

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5. Gazelle

Gazelle Tents 21500

If you want a shelter to be set up within seconds, consider this instant screenhouse from Gazelle. It is very convenient to install to provide a space for 8 people. The area is about 92 square feet, while the foldable size is small and compact to transport easily. It features a zipper closure which enables a smooth opening and closing operation.

All four corners are reinforced with additional fabric layer to add more strength to the structure. the rooftop features a roof panel which offers UV protection level at 50+. It is there to keep you warm during winter and dry when it is raining outside. Last but not least, all the panels are structured tightly in place.

Key Features:

  • Capacity: 6 – 8 people
  • Area: 92 square feet
  • Foldable for convenient storage and transportation
  • Each corner is upgraded with extra layer of fabric
  • Roof panel protection: light rain and sunlight
  • Pockets included on sides

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4. KingCamp

KingCamp Screen House

Now, let us take a look at this instant screenhouse from KingCamp. It is a great shelter in the outdoor environment since it offers the protection against extreme sunlight. It is made of high quality polyester fabric along with waterproof PU coating. It is not only water resistant but also flame resistant as well to ensure you with the best safety.

The tent is large enough with a size of 100 square feet, enabling several people to enjoy outdoor picnics together. It comes with both frontal and back doors for access. Therefore, users can choose one for entering and the other for exit purposes. The wall of the tent is made of polyester fabric, and they can provide you with the best air circulation even in the summer. It comes with a pre-assembled condition, which allows you to set up within a minute.

Key Features:

  • Protection: UV rays, light rain and flame
  • Area: 10’ x 10’
  • Access doors: front and rear doors
  • Materials: polyester cloth
  • Installation: 2 people to assemble within 60 seconds

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3. Coleman Instant Screenhouses

Coleman Instant

Heading to the next product, it is also a great instant screenhouse from Coleman. If you prefer a quick installation, this might be your taste because the setup can take even less than a minute. It offers sun protection at the level of 50+. In addition, there are 2 doors for access, lying on each side of the screen house.

More importantly, this screen house is built to last for long without having you to replace it frequently. It can stand still regardless of what season is going outside. Despite the strong wind, there are still pre-attached lines to reinforce the structure. The tent offers an area of 15 x 13 feet, which makes it 41.6 square feet. Last but not least, it also includes a storage bag to carry it easily. within 1 year, you can claim your refund or replacement in case there are any problems.

Key Features:

  • UV protection level: 50++
  • Weather resistant
  • Area: 41.6 square feet
  • 2 door access on both sides
  • Storage bag included
  • Warranty: 12 months.

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2. Outsunny


For this instant screenhouse from Outsunny, it is built with outstanding quality. It is designed ideally for any outdoor gatherings, including BBQ, picnic and other family parties. It can be set up within minutes, and after use, users can fold it down to a smaller size for a convenient storage. It is made of fiberglass along with polyester fabric. It is coated with 2000mm waterproof materials to block rain and sunlight.

The area is enough to accommodate the demand of 6 – 8 people. It also includes a mesh net to make sure that the ventilation is perfect to offer you with the best ventilation. It is solid and strong enough to provide a secure structure for you and your family and friends to enjoy together.

Key Features:

  • Capacity: 6 – 8 people.
  • Waterproof: 2000mm water treatment
  • Material: fiberglass and polyester
  • Ventilation net included

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1. Quick Set

 Quick Set 9870 Traveler

Last but not least, we have this instant screenhouse from Quick Set. It is available in beautiful forest green color to suit the forest setting especially. It is guaranteed to set up within 45 seconds after you take it out of the box. It comes with 3 layer of pole pockets on each corner to reinforce the structure.

More importantly, the screen makes it not visible for others outside to see through, whereas the people inside can see what is happening outside easily. Moreover, there are 4 stakes to support the tent, and there are some other ropes to tie down with convenience. The screenhouse can be stored in a carry bag after use, which makes your outdoor adventure trip much more convenient than your expectation.

Key Features:

  • Triple layer of pole pockets
  • Setup time: 45 seconds
  • Non-see through window to maximize privacy
  • Include stakes and ropes
  • An oversized storage bag is provided to pack the tent

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Buying Guide

Material: normally, the structure of the screen house is made of metal or steel to provide a strong and durable frame. It is covered with polyester fabric and sometimes mesh panels to maximize ventilation and comfort during summer.

Doors: it should feature two access doors on each side or on the frontal and back part for users to access conveniently.

Wall: the wall should have the non see through feature which means others from the outside cannot see through, while the people inside can know what is going on outside.

Ventilation: it should feature 360 degrees of ventilation to ensure the best air circulation. This is to reduce heat and odor if you are having a BBQ or picnic party with your family and friends.

Protection: regularly, it offers UV ray protection. In some cases, it can also protect you from light rain and flame as well.


In short, above are the top ten best instant screen houses that you can get at a reasonable price with premium quality and durable structure. Choosing one of them might save you a lot of time and money because you do not have to replace it often in real life usage. Also, you can enjoy the most beautiful time with your loved ones.