TOP 10 Best Manicure Kits for Travel in 2021

No matter you are going outdoors or staying at home, a manicure kit is a set of essential tools that you can use for both men and women to solve daily problems. It is a grooming kit which makes your life easier and more convenient when they are placed within reach. However, choosing a manicure kit can be somehow difficult while facing with hundreds and thousands of products on the market. So, today, we are going to explore the top ten best manicure kits that provide both values and quality.

List Of Top 10 Best Manicure Kits in 2021

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10. Keiby Citom manicure and pedicure

Manicure Set Professional Nail

First of all, we have this set of manicure kit tools from Keiby Citom. With the experience in the field for over 10 years, it provides the most specialized design. The tools are all built from carbon steel, and they are polished with grinding in many layers. There are various functions that the tools can deal with, from trimming nails to facial treatment. It has a unique design with a black visual effect. The exterior design features the use of high quality PU leather. The size makes it very potable in use, which can be stored easily in car, handbag or other places. The warranty of this product is guaranteed in 30 days.

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9. marQus manicure set

 marQus Manicure Set

Next, let us take a look at this 12-piece manicure set at home from marQus. This tool kit is designed ideally for both pedicure and manicure purposes. They include some helpful tools in daily life, such as nail scissors, to trim your nail at any time and place. All of the tools are built from Solingen in Germany. There is also a glass nail file included in the set, which is made and patented from Czech Republic. All the tool kits are stored in the leather case, which make it very easy and convenient to carry around.

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8. SPOVE manicure set

Spove Manicure Sets

SPOVE offers us one of the best manicure kits on the market. It is available in hot pink color which is favored by many girls. The case features a flip flop style which allows you to store in a stylish way. Inside the flip flop case, there are 4 metal tools, which are nail file, clipper, scissor and tweezer. The kit features a chrome finish in silver color which is reflective. It is available at a reasonable price, yet it has a high quality which you can use for a long period of time. With this tool kit in your bag, it is very helpful to enhance your daily life quality. For these reasons, this can be a great gift for yourself, friends and family as well.

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7. Keiby Citom manicure tools

 Manicure Set Professional

Here comes another manicure kit from Keiby Citom. It comes with both pink and gold colors. Keiby Citom is dedicated to provide you a set of professional manicure kits for your daily use. The tools are made of stainless steel which is strong and durable. It is finished with rubber coating, and the coat does not fall off easily. It is stored in a case, and the case is made of PU leather. The tools are enough for you to do hand care, facial treatment as well as foot care. With a portable size, users can carry it with them easily on an outdoor trip. Within 30 days, if there are any issues with the product, users can always contact the manufacturer for support.

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6. Hunwoo nail care kit

 Hunwoo Professional

It’s time for us to look at this manicure kit from Hunwoo. The kit includes 18 tools to provide you with a hand, foot and facial treatment. The tools include a nail clipper, hair scissor, ear pick and other specialized tools. All of the tools are built from stainless steel, and they always stay sharp to meet your demand. They are stored in a PU leather case which allows you to carry it with you easily whenever you go outside. The case can be opened with simply a press. It is there to protect all of your tools and secure them in one place.

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5. Ovtel home manicure

OVTEL Manicure Set

Moving onto the next manicure kit from Ovtel, it is made of 12 pieces of tools that you need to take good care of your hand, foot and face. The tools are made of stainless steel, and they are guaranteed for a rust resistant quality. They are stored in a leather case, and the case is small and portable enough with a size of 4 x 7 inches. Therefore, it can be not only your companion but also a great gift for your family and friends to enjoy together. This is very suitable as a gift in any special occasions, including valentine, birthday and anniversaries.

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4. Vabogu manicures and pedicures

Manicure Set

If you are a rose gold color lover, you should consider this manicure kit from Vabogu. There are 18 pieces of tools in one small case, and all of them are in beautiful rose gold color design. They are constructed of premium quality stainless steel, and they are highly durable and rust resistant. All the tools have different functions, yet they all serve your demand. Since it is very portable, it can be carried anywhere according to your demand. It guarantees you with a set of the best manicure kits; otherwise, you can get claim your money back with 100% refund.

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3. MR.GREEN manicure kits

 Manicure Set

Heading to the next product, it is the manicure kit from MR.GREEN. It includes 7 pieces of tools which are all made of stainless steel. The tools guarantee its sharpness for many years head. They are suitable for birthday, anniversary as well as wedding to serve as a beautiful and unforgettable gift. All the tools are stored in one small and portable box, which enables you to carry around easily. However, it is recommended to use the kit for your personal use only to prevent any spread of infections. Users are guaranteed with 100% satisfaction on the purchase since they can claim for a replacement if the product does not go well as expected.

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2. FAMILIFE nail kit box

FAMILIFE L01 11 in 1

For the rank 2nd of today’s top ten list, we have this manicure set from FAMILIFE. In only one small case, you can enjoy the use of 11 pieces of tools in total for you to take care of hand, face and foot. The tools are made of stainless steel, and they are heavy duty and rust proof. It is very convenient for outdoor use, no matter you are going to a workplace or on a long distance trip. This set fits well into your handbag and luggage which allows you to carry conveniently. It is also sharp enough for you to use for a long time.

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1. Manibeauty nail kit tools

Nail Clippers Set

Last but not least, we have this manicure kit from Manibeauty. It includes 16 pieces of tools that you need, and they are stored in a small case, allowing you to carry conveniently on a trip. It is suitable for both men and women, and it takes good care of the hand, foot and face. The tools are made of stainless steel, and they are sturdy and sharp enough in the long run. The kit is stored in a leather pouch, which allows you to easily stored in the bag. You can also hold it easily in order to do the nail cut or other treatments that you need. As a professional brand, we guarantee you with a replacement or refund in case the products do not meet your expectation.

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Buying Guide: manicures and pedicures

There are many types of manicure kit, including manicure acrylic kit and stainless steel kit. So, if you do not know how to choose the most suitable manicure kit, below is a short buying guide for you.

Materials: most of the manicure kits are made of stainless steel or metal. They can maintain the sharpness for a long period of time, and it is also rust resistant.

Tools: the number of tools included in the kit vary. It may go from 3 up to 20. The tools in the manicure kit should be more hand, foot and facial care. Some of the tools include nail clipper, scissor, ear pick and other common tools that we need on a daily basis.

Case: all the tools should be stored in one particular case. The case is usually small and portable, and it is made of PU leather for you to carry conveniently while traveling outdoors.

Warranty: even it is a small kit, we still want it to be guaranteed by the manufacturer. However, the warranty might be in a shorter period, ranging from 30 to 60 days.


To conclude, we have demonstrated the key features of the top ten best manicure kits. If you are in need of the tool, make sure that you add it to the cart now to get it ready for your usage tomorrow.