TOP 10 Best Portable Changing Room Reviews in 2021

Vidalido Outdoor Shower

Everyone does wonder what is the point of portable changing rooms, but those people who read this article know how important it is. We can run small clothing stores that we need the portable changing rooms for its flexibility and compact size in nature. Additionally, the rest of us like to go camping. When we can change clothes in a tent, there can be bothers because some tents are not only for one person but many.

Photoshoots require a changing room as well. As a result, a portable changing room is a smart selection. Whether what our purposes are, here are the top ten best portable changing rooms in 2021 with their key features and a product buying guide.

Top 10 Best Portable changing rooms in 2021

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10. Green Elephant Portable changing room

Green Elephant Pop Up

Green Elephant is just tear-resistant. There is no question because it is constructed with polyester fabric which a quality to repel water and resist wears. Consequently, the product is water-resistant. Furthermore, Green Elephant’s structure is very sturdy. The frame is tough. Meanwhile, the zipper has a heavy-duty quality that cannot just break. Besides, it is an ergonomically designed portable changing room.

We can freely stand inside the changing room without a need to bend our back for changing our clothes. The top shower opening lets air circulate within the changing room tent when there is a construction of mosquito netting with it. Additionally, the changing room tent has no floor. The product design is to avoid dirt and dust on the floor. As a result, it is very easy and simple to take good cares of it.

Key Features

  • Tear-resistant changing room
  • Constructed with polyester fabric
  • Featured with a waterproof quality
  • Sturdy structure and tough frame
  • Heavy-duty zipper that cannot be broken
  • Available for free standing
  • Top opening for air circulation
  • No floor design

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9. Texsport portable dressing room

Texsport Instant Portable

The company is smart to design Texsport. It has a shower rack inside, so we can hang our clothes. Moreover, there is a towel bar outside that is exactly for towels. What’s more, the zipper at the door features a D style. This is for simple and convenient entry and exit. For reinforced quality, the wall is coated with premium polyurethane material so is the floor.

With all these qualities for fabric, interior and exterior design, it does mean the company forgot about the structure. Texsport’s structure is very sturdy. The poles are constructed with steel. Furthermore, there should not be a hassle for your safety with using it. Everything which constructs the changing room is flame-retardant. It is just easy to bring it around because there is a storage bag with the changing room which is included in the same collection. You can carry the bag with its handle too, lastly.

Key Features

  • Shower rack inside to hang clothes
  • Towel bar outside for towel hanging
  • Entry coming with a D style
  • Featured with premium polyurethane coating for toughness
  • Sturdy structure with steel
  • Enabled with flame-retardant quality
  • Included a carrying bag in a same collection

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8. KingCamp pop up changing room

 KingCamp Oversize Outdoor

There is no fuss that you can stand when changing your clothes with KingCamp. It is designed for free standing. The room is spacious. In fact, it can fit two adults; even though it is supposed for only one person inside it. Moreover, the product is just sturdy. The poles feature fiberglass which is a reliable construction material in the industry. In addition, there are four compartments that you can store or hang your clothes and towels. On the outside, there is one pocket to store more items too.

What’s more, the entry door can be zippered when we can get entry and exist with it very conveniently. The mesh side at the window allows air circulation when you don’t want to close the window. The product design is thus for changing pants and trousers when you don’t need to change your shirts. Lastly, the company brings about exceptional customers with the product as well.

Key Feature

  • Designed for free standing with the changing room
  • Featured with a spacious quality
  • Poles constructed with fiberglass which is reliable
  • Enabled with Sturdy structure as a whole
  • Included one pocket for storing items
  • Boasted with zippered door for privacy
  • Included a window for air circulation
  • Window can be closed for a privacy
  • Exceptional customer service offered by the company

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7. Vidalido beach changing room

Vidalido Outdoor Shower

Vidalido is a changing room that is perfect for camping and hiking. It assures everyone in the team has his/her own privacy. Besides, it is smart for the beach. The product features a mesh window for air ventilation when you can see from the outside. Regardless, there should not be a concern for your privacy when you can close the window. This is a thoughtful and brilliant design from the company, as a result.

The structure is smart when you can use it as a shower room as well. What’s more, the whole changing room let you stand and change your clothes. Overall, Vidalido is one of the most exceptional changing rooms available in the market today.

Key Features

  • Perfect changing room for camping & hiking
  • Smart as a changing room for beach as well
  • Featured with mesh window for air ventilation
  • Enabled with closing feature with the window
  • Boasted as a shower room besides a changing room
  • Free standing possible with the changing room

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6. G4Free pop up changing tent

 G4Free Privacy Shelter

It is brilliant to have G4Free. The product matches well with different situations such as camping, beach, field or even a locker room. The whole product design is sturdy when the fabric is abrasion-proofed. What’s more, it features floor design for your comfort. Meanwhile, it is good for free standing when it cannot be blown away by wind.

The product enables a single strap outside the window. This strap is for hanging and drying our towels and clothes. The inner coating that comes special with a silver color assures that you are protected from burning rays of sun. Consequently, the product is weather-proofed.

Key Features

  • Matching well with camping, beach, field or locker room
  • Structure sturdy with abrasion-proofed fabric
  • Featured with a floor for your comfort
  • Free standing possible with G4Free
  • Single strap enabled for hanging and drying clothes & towels
  • Boasted with coating for protecting us from UV rays

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5. Lightspeed Outdoors dressing room

Lightspeed Outdoors Xtra

Lightspeed Outdoors is exceptional as a changing room. Besides, it can function as a camp shower. The company is smart and considerate to include a carrying bag for it, so Lightspeed Outdoor can be carried around whether it be beach time or camping. You can have the changing room with or without a floor. Besides, it is fine that you can free-stand inside it.

The product features with a towel strap that you can hang your damp towels. Additionally, it enables pockets for you to store other accessories attached with the changing room. Lastly, the product is spacious, so there are a lot of conveniences for using it.

Key Features

  • Functioned as a camp shower
  • Included with a carrying bag for storage
  • Enabled with floor which can get removed
  • Free-standing possible with the changing room
  • Enabled with a towel strap for hanging drying damp towels
  • Included pockets for storing accessories
  • Designed as a spacious changing room

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4. Alvantor portable changing room

Alvantor Shower Tent

The portable changing room is smart for people whether it be for a photo studio, camp or beach. Moreover, the zippered entrance is large with Alvantor. Meanwhile, we can zipper it with the product’s double layers. When the product is a compact and stable one, you can fold it for use and carry it around with ease. Besides, the product doesn’t require assembly at all. All it requires is folding up and down for uses or storage.

Alvantor’ inside pockets enable us to store items such as phones and tablets. The floor is constructed with PE material when the fabric is protected with tube material for a water-resistant quality. In addition, there is vinyl coating so as for sunlight protection. It is brilliant to be resistant against tears and wears too. Lastly, the whole changing room is spacious which you can use with a free stand.

Key Features

  • Smart changing room for photo studio, camp or beach
  • Featured with zippered entrance which is large
  • Product’s double layers for zippered entry/exit
  • Enabled as a compact and stable changing room
  • Required only folding up and down for storage
  • Inside pockets for storing phones & tablets
  • Floor constructed with PE material
  • Enabled with a water-resistant quality
  • Serving as a spacious changing room

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3. WolfWise pop up privacy tent

 WolfWise Portable

It is special with the product design for WolfWise changing room. You can zipper for an opened or closed window so as for air circulation or privacy. Furthermore, there are features with cloth lines that we can hang our damp clothes and towels for drying, or just hang them there so that we can change our clothes. It is enabled with a small pocket, so we can store our smartphones and keys too. What’s more, the exterior shell for the changing room is proofed against light raining.

Besides, the silver coating is proof against UV light. WolfWise is firm because it functions with reliable steel structure. You can tie those six wind ropes so that it is proofed against strong wind as well. Meanwhile we can pop up the changing room within seconds without a need to assemble it.

Key Features

  • Enabled with zippered window for a privacy or air circulation
  • Clothesline for hanging clothes and towels for drying
  • Enabled with a small pocket for smartphones & keys
  • Exterior shell proofed against light raining
  • Silver coating resistant with UV light
  • Featured with reliable steel structure
  • Popping up the changing room within seconds

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2. DormCo portable dressing room

 Don't Look at Me

DormCo, without a doubt, is a brilliant changing room. It is a flexible one because we can roll the safety cloth so that we can open and close the changing room. Besides, the fabric comes as black microfiber that is quality. The steel frame enables firm standing of DormCo’s.

The portable changing rooms for boutique is not great for camping but exceptional if you run a small store and have only a compact area for the changing room. The black color, lastly, enables an elegant outlook of it.

Key Features

  • Features with black microfiber for quality
  • Steel frame enabling firm structure & standing
  • Smart for small clothing stores
  • Black color featuring an elegant outlook

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1. Eagle Peak changing tent

 EAGLE PEAK Flex Ultra

Eagle Peak is very huge and spacious as a changing room. It can fit three adults in one same changing room. Consequently, Eagle Peak is a brilliant changing room for photoshoots, fashion shows, backyards, camping, etc. The extension and set up system for it is simple when you can instantly fold up and down for opening the changing room or storing it for later use.

There are pockets inside which you can store your items such as towels, clothes, phones, wallets, etc. What’s more, the portable changing rooms photography enables a window which we can open and close for air ventilation or privacy. The product protects you from UV rays. In overall, it is one of the most outstanding portable changing rooms for dancers available in the market.

Key Features

  • Huge & spacious as a changing room
  • Serving as a brilliant changing room for photoshoots & fashion shows
  • Excellent with camping and backyard swimming
  • Setting up system simple by plainly folding up and down
  • Pockets inside for storing towels, clothes, phones & wallets
  • Enabled with an opened/closed window for air ventilation or privacy
  • Features with a protection from UV rays

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Buying Guide

Easy Entry/Exit: Whether the changing room product design comes one way or another, we should have a careful thought for the entry or exit. Some of us can use the changing rooms very often especially for camping and beaches. Consequently, we should care whether it is a convenient entry or exit for the changing rooms.

Air Circulation: The product design should include air circulation as the main feature. It can get stuffy inside the changing room. Hence, some products come with an open top for air ventilation. Some other products have their windows which we can close and open attached with mesh. This is also an excellent design and smart thinking.

Construction Material: These products should be constructed with reliable fabrics. The fabrics should be tough and resistant against wears. Therefore, we should not have much concern that the product is not long-lasting in use.

Waterproof & Sunlight-Proof: We should figure out only those changing rooms which are waterproofed and proofed with sunlight. The matter is that it can be raining when we are changing without our knowledge. Consequently, it can save us from getting wet when we are in the changing rooms. Moreover, it can be hot on the beaches. There is without an uncertainty that we need some sorts of protections from the UV rays.

Free Standing: Free standing is necessary because everyone doesn’t want to bend his/her back to change clothes. It is not easy at all. The product should enable us to free stand and change our clothes with ease.

Hook or Hanger: There should be some hooks or hangers for us to hang towels and clothes with the products. There shouldn’t be a doubt that it can be challenging to change your clothes with new and old clothes on your hands. This is a likely situation when there is no hook or hanger in those changing rooms.


When all the mentioned products are qualified, their qualities are varied from one to another which can let you lose the central focus on what you want. Consequently, it is wise that we consider features in the product buying guide to come to a conclusion for buying one or another changing room.