TOP 10 Best Smart Plugs in 2021 – Buyers’ Guide

Everyone needs a plug right there to charge their electronic devices. It is without a doubt. Regardless, not many among us know that a smart plug exists. It is a plug that we can control by voices. Some smart plugs enable controls and management via a mobile application. Moreover, we can integrate some of the plugs into our smart home systems.

We shouldn’t then wonder why many people are interested in smart home accessories including smart plugs because it boasts convenience for our daily lives. Without further due, here are the top ten best smart plugs in 2021 with a product buying guide.

List Of Top 10 Best Smart Plugs in 2021

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10. Oukitel Smart Outlet

Wifi Smart Plug

Oukitel comes smart because it has a mobile app so as to manage the whole smart plugs pack. When you can manage the plugs from anywhere, Oukitel in fact comes as a pair of dual plugs. As a result, we get four plugs for the whole Oukitel package. Furthermore, there shouldn’t be a worry that you forget to unplug your electronic device because we can set a timer for the plugs. They will turn off automatically when the time’s come. There shouldn’t be a problem with an overcharge because the plugs can auto shut-off too.

We can voice-control the plugs when the whole pack can be integrated with Google Assistance or Alexa for smart home systems. The pack which is compatible with both iOS and Android operating systems is a certified product for solid performance and safety. Those certifications are such as RoHS, CE, FCC and ETL. It features one-month refund warranties and one-year general warranties with the whole pack as well.

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9. TanTan Smart Plug

 Smart Plug Work with Alexa

We don’t have any hassles with TanTan because you can set a timer with the plug which comes as a solo plugging. As a result, this is a brilliant shut-down with the plug. Furthermore, the smart plug is WiFi-enabled, so there shouldn’t be a problem for controlling and managing the smart plug form your smartphones. Besides, everyone in the family can access to get control over the smart plug. The enabling function is convenient for sharing the control among your family members, consequently.

As we can voice-control TanTan smart plug, the plugging system matches perfectly with both iOS and Android smartphones. There is outstanding customer support, so we can feel free to contact the company shall there be problems or questions for the product.

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8. KMC Power Outlet

Smart Plug

As KMC comes with four plugs, there is no point at all to touch and control anything of those plugs. You can just voice control for those plugs to turn off or not. Furthermore, KMC integrates well with Google Home or Alexa. The integration therefore enables a smart home ecosystem with the smart plugs. Moreover, you can manage it remotely with a mobile app because the plugs are WiFi-enabled.

We just need to download an app for the plugs that the application matches great with both iOS and Android operating systems. What’s more, KMC is an ETL approved plug that assures your safety when using it. The company covers insurances for any production defects or accidents when you are using it. The replacement and warranties come in two years without any conditions at all.

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7. Currant Smart Outlet

 Smart Plug WiFi

Currant has a sleek outlook that is so futuristic and compatible well with other smart home accessories of your houses’. Moreover, the whole plug comes in one item yet two plugs, which is a smart and unique product design. You can manage to control the plugs with just your voice. The smart plugs are enabled with Google Home and Alexa. Scheduling the smart plug for auto on and off is possible with Currant.

Additionally, you can manage the plug with a smartphone application that works nicely with both iOS and Android operating systems. The product is also designed for your safety. Consequently, there should not be a concern from us for our safety when using the plug.

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6. Gosund Electrical Outlet

 Smart plug, Gosund Mini

We are smart with Gosund because the pack comes as four plugs. Voice control is enabled with the pack as the product can get connected with either Google Home or Alexa. In addition, we can get a timer for the plugs as they can turn on or shut off automatically with our timing. It is safe when in use because of the time setting boasted by Gosund. For the function to be possible, it requires us to download a mobile app for managing the plugs.

There is without a doubt that the plugs are WiFi-accessible so that we can control the plugs with the application. Moreover, you can share the access for control over the outlet with other family members. Our family members can install the app on their smartphones when we share access to them. There is an offer of a lifetime and unconditional warranty along with each plug.

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5. Powrui Wifi Smart Plug

Smart Plug

We should not get hesitated because Powrui has all it takes to prove the product’s solid performance and reliable quality. We can command the pack that contains four different and separate plugs with voice as the pack can be connected with Google Home or Amazon Alexa. For controlling the plugs in other ways via our smartphones, you need to download a mobile application which matches greatly with both Android and iOS operating systems.

You can set a timing or scheduling with Powrui for the product to turn on or off automatically. As we can manage our electronic appliances with a mobile app, it is convenient to save energy with it. You can come home and get all electronic devices get switched on with it. It is with no doubt that the product is enabled with WiFi connectivity for a distance control on our smartphone applications. The company offers the product’s buyers one-month warranty for each buying which is a refund warranty. There include one-year warranties with limits from the smart plugs energy savings too.

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4. TP-Link Smart Power Strip

 Kasa Smart Plug

It is just exceptional that you can control the plug pack from anywhere. For the product, the whole pack is only one item with six different plugs. As it is WiFi-accessible so that you can manage TP-Link via your smartphones, you can voice-command those plugs too. There is no question that it works with Google Home and Alexa.

Moreover, you can tell via the app how much energy those electronic appliances being charged by the plugs consume. It is an ETL-certified pack of smart plugs which matches smartly with both office and home applications.

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3. Awow Electrical Socket

 Smart Plug AWOW Mini

Awow is a pack of four different and separate plugs. You can install an app whether your smartphones are Android phones or iPhone to command Awow from a distance. Additionally, voice controlling it is possible. Furthermore, we can set a timing for the electric outlet so that it can turn on and off at specific times and for specific periods. This is smart when you need to boil water and manage other electronic devices.

Awow is an ETL-certified outlet, so there shouldn’t be a concern over your safety with the pack. Lifetime customer support and two-year warranties are included as part of all collections.

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2. Meross Wifi Plug

Meross WiFi Smart Plug

Meross is convenient as the product is a pack of four different plug outlets. Installing a mobile app with your smartphone to control the app from a distance is possible and the designated nature of the plug pack. Moreover, Meross is awesome with voice commanding when you can sync it with Google Home or Alexa.

There is a timing that we can schedule the pack to turn on and off at any time and for specific durations. This is good when you don’t want phones to be overcharged or the kettles to over boil some water. These plugs are flame-retardant because they are constructed with trusted construction material, lastly.

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1. AMZ Smart Plug

 Amazon Smart Plug

You can schedule Amazon for turning on and off when Amazon includes only one plug in the package. Additionally, we can voice-command it when it works with Amazon Alexa. All it requires us to do is download an Alexa app on your smartphone, so you can command the plug. Amazon is a smart plugs at home depot that is very simple to use.

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Buying Guide: What is the best smart plug?

WiFi-enabling: All the smart plugs we mention here are WiFi-enabled. The point of the WiFi connectivity is for those plugs to be online so that we can manage and command those plugs via some mobile applications out there.

Smart Home Sync: Those smart plugs should be synced with other smart homes devices. As a result, it allows either Alexa or Google Home for voice command over the mentioned plugs. Please consider this feature if you want to build a smart home with every electronic appliance synchronized with one another.

Warranties: Although, the article review is reliable; not every order you make is reliable because of errors in production lines or any other unexpected circumstances. Consequently, it is always an intelligent decision to buy those smart plugs for outdoor and indoor with some sorts of warranties.


Smart plugs are those plugs that can let us command and control whether they are on or off with some mobile apps. Moreover, it should be enabled with Google Home or Alexa. The mentioned features make up the premium smart plugs for all of us. However, we shouldn’t forget to only buy those smart plugs Bluetooth with some sorts of warranties.