TOP 10 Best Wrap Around Heating Pad Reviews- [Buyers’ Guide]

Pain is unavoidable but the good news is that pain can be relieved by all means. Pain can put you in a lot troubles and struggles. It is unpleasant to deal with pain so many people have tried to invent different tools to help relieve pain. Using heat to treat pain has been around a long time; however, it is now made easier than ever with a heating pad. A heating pad can come in many forms but a wrap around one is versatile, flexible and functional compare to other types. A heating pad can be used for muscle cramps, back pain, menstrual cramps, sprain and other muscles related conditions.

There are countless options available in the market so it is hard for you when it comes to choosing the one best for your fit. Nevertheless, read through the list we have compiled of the best 10 wrap around heating pads. Browse through different features and functions. Lastly, do not forget to read the buying guide to get a clearer idea on shopping for heating pads.

List Of Top 10 Best Wrap Around Heating Pad Reviews in 2021

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10. Granbest Portable Electric Heating Pad for Cramps

 Granbest Portable Electric

Coming first on the list, this heating pad is powered by electricity and can be easily carry around. Pack it in your back wherever you go and never let pain disturb you again. It is designed with the latest technology for effective heat treatment for cramps. The waiting time is nonexistent as it warms up really quickly within 3 seconds. For safety protection, the battery is not built in with the heating pad. It can be powered by using an external power storage. It features a smart temperature checking system that will spontaneously reduce the heat so that it will not be too hot and burning.

This heat pad comes in a minimal design and cute pastel light green color that looks like a belt with adjustable strap of Velcro.  The materials used to make the wrap around is elastic so it is expandable up to 40 inch. The design is waterproof and breathable making it easy for using and cleaning. If you’re looking for a great looking and innovative heating pad, this is the wraparound heating pad for cramps you can trust.

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9. Nature Creation- Menstrual Cramps Reliever

 Nature Creation

A creation closer to nature, this is a reusable wraparound heating pad for back pain. A padded pouch filled is with a variety of aromatic herbs, flower and seeds. Sealed in and covered on one side with fleece to trap warmth and the other side with cotton for moisture to escape. Easy adjustment with an elastic strap design. This heating pad can also be used as a cold pack simply putting in the freezer. What is great about this heating pad is that it also comes with a 1-year warranty to give you extra confidence and assurance.

This is a versatile heating pad made closely to nature to provide an authentic and classic pain relieving experience. Once the pad is heated, the aroma from the herbs and flower will be dispersed adding aromatherapy to relieve your mind from pain as well. If you do not mind heating up the pad before using and want a green experience, this heating pad is the one for you.

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8. 3in1 Cordless Infrared Heating Pad

3in1 Cordless Infrared Heating

This is a wraparound heating pad designed to help relief back pain during pregnancy. There are countless possibilities equipped into this heating pad. It can be used as for heat or cold therapy. Nonetheless, the futuristic design includes plenty of modern unique features and functions. Not only that it is a heating pad but also a massager as well. Do not worry about tangle cords and other inconveniences because this heating pad is completely cordless.

The belt strap is durable because it is made with double layered material plus supportive structure. The material allows good airflow to ensure a comfortable wearing and usage. The heating has 3 optional modes for heat and kneading adjustment. For comfort fit, the belt is adjustable and stretchy. Also included in the package is a fast-charging battery pack to power the heating pad. A 1-year warranty for free return is offered as a part of customer satisfaction.


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7. Heating Waist Belt Far Infrared USB Powered

Heating Waist Belt Far Infrared

This heating pad is designed to use a unique heat wave technology called FIR to maximize the heating effect. It is believed to help ease pain as well as help the body increases metabolism. The belt design uses a Velcro tape for a comfort fit waist adjustment. It comes with three heat modifying modes for you to set for your need. The design is not bulky making it feel light and sleek on the waist. This pad is powered by using a connection to USB charge. This might be a little inconvenient for you to move around as the cord is only long enough for a span from the socket to a seating. It is a more ideal option for those who can relax in one place while getting their pain relieve.

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6. ARRIS Lower Back Heating Pad

 ARRIS Lower Back Heating

Say no more to options! if you find that heating pad with 3 heating adjustment is limited, this heating pad is the one for you. It comes with 5 heating levels for your liking that can be altered using a controller. This heating pad also comes with an improvement on battery power offering a 7.4V battery pack. The design is flexible and versatile that it can used for different body areas like back, shoulder, arms or legs. For safety protection, the battery has an automatic shutdown mode in overheating conditions. The pad heating area is wider than most allow it to cover more areas that associate with pain.

It is easy for carrying and traveling with due to its compact design. For hygiene option, you can hand wash it safely with no worries about on electric leakage. Also, there are two sizes available to choose from, a smaller one and a bigger one.

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5. Comfier Heating Pad for Back Pain

Comfier Heating Pad

A bulkier approach in heating pads that is packed with many handy features. This heating pad not only provides heat therapy but also massaging. It is designed with 4 vibrating motors to sooth and comfort aching pain. This heating pad allows a lot of customization for suitable personal needs as you change between 2 heating levels, 2 intensity of pulsation and 3 modes of massaging. It is covered in velvet to provide users a cozy and relaxing experience. The structure is supportive yet flexible for usage on thighs, shoulder, waist or belly. The pad is powered using a cord connection and adapter to a power socket.

In addition, a safety measure is included and it will turn off by itself once it reaches a point of overheating. Even though it restricts major movements, you can still move comfortably within your own arm’s reach during usage.

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4. Heating Pad for Neck and Shoulders

Heating Pad for Neck

If you looking for a perfect size heating pad that covers your neck and shoulder, you can totally count on this one. This heating pad is designed in a wide flap and contour that can hang over your shoulders. The design is unique from other heating pads that comes in belt type. It is equipped with rolling vibrators that massage your pain comfortingly. It quickly heats up and give warmth within 2 minutes. The material that enclosed the vibrators are made from soft velvet.

Do note that this heating pad is not portable as it requires direct input from an electric cable provided. There are 5 modes you can select for massaging. If that is not enough, you can also customize a mode to fit your comfort. Be caution when it comes to water as this device is not waterproof or washable.

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3. Sunbeam Heating Pad Back Wrap with Adjustable Strap

Sunbeam Heating Pad

Specially designed for back pain, this heating pad offers a lot of value for money. The design of this pad is wide enough to cover the hold back while remaining adjustable with a strap that holds it together. It allows you to select between 4 heat levels with a 2 hours’ automatic shut up function to ensure safety. This device is washable and can be moist for a better heat relief technique. It is power by direct charge from a long cable cord. Note that this covers half of your back and it can uncomfortable for people who people who does not like tight fitting. However, you can still relieve your pain with better blood circulation using this heating pad and suffer no more from back pain.

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2. Pure Enrichment Pure Relief Lumbar & Abdominal Heat Pad

Pure Enrichment PureRelief

Another belt type design heating pad that can be used for back pain and stomach cramps. It is flexible to be used for other body parts like shoulders, neck and thighs as well. You can switch between a hot or cold therapy using a gel pack provided in the package. It is washable by machine. The device is powered by direct charge from a cord so it is not that moveable.  There is 4 heat settings you can choose from and a safety feature of auto turn off every 2 hours. A special condition that comes with this device is that the manufacturer offers a warranty and customer service for 5 years to ensure that you will get the best quality and satisfaction with their product.

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1. Arealer Heated Knee Massager for Muscle Pain Relief

Arealer Heated Knee

Specifically designed to target knee pain, this heating pad is not as flexible to be used for other body areas. It is still versatile to be used as a hot or cold therapy. Although, its usage rather leans toward joint pain that may be caused by arthritis. This device also comes with a massager that provides vibration for better relief of pain. It is totally cordless and chargeable with a battery pack of 3.5 usage capacity. It is convenient for easy relief on the go. The design mimics the knee function with bendable structure fit. This heating pad is not fully waterproof however it still can be cleaned with light wiping.

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How to buy a heating pad that is most suitable for you?

Looking to buy a device to help ease your pain? But the buying process is already giving you pain? Let’s get on with some points to make buying a heating pad less painful. Below are some of the features and functions you should consider to help you buy the best heating pad.

Electrical or natural

To put it simply this means that you have to choose between two things. First, you would want to manually heat up your heating pad the old school way using a microwave. Second, you would want to sit back and let modern science do its thing. The first option can be great if you are looking for something more sustainable.


Some heating pads are completely cordless while others will need you to plug it in a power outlet. Consider if you would want to still move while using the heating pad or if you are fine sitting in one spot while using it.


Heating pads can come in various designs as well. Some are belt type that can you wear on your waist while others are designed specifically for neck, shoulders or knees.


A heating pad does not always have to be a hot therapy. Some heating pads also have the option for you to switch to a cold therapy using an ice pack. It is nice to have options; however, it should not matter if you are solely looking for a device that only gives heat.

Heat Settings

Pain are not the same each time so when it comes to heating pad, you would want to be able to treat it at different levels as well. Look out for heat settings as it is the main feature you will use in heating pads. Heating pads are supposed to soothe your pain so experiencing unmanageable warmth should be avoided. Pick a heating pad that comes with heat settings and how many levels you want is up to you.


For a device that you will use with heat and produce sweat. In order to keep it sanitary, you need to be able to wash or clean it in some ways. Watch out when washing or cleaning. If you are not bothered using a device you sweat over again and again, then skip this point.


If you are spending your money on a heating pad, look for warranty. With warranty, you can be assured that the device will be fixed if it suddenly stopped working the day you got it. In a market full of heating pads, even after good amount of time researching can lead to unfavorable defects. With warranty, you are accruing less risk of defects.  You have less anxiety and paranoid buying a heating pad that comes with warranty.